notebook Batteries

notebook Batteries

Each notebook has a so-called battery (short battery) so that you can also operate the device on the go without having to connect it to the mains. The battery stores electrical energy by having them previously converted into chemical energy. Once the notebook is taken from the power supply, the conversion back to electrical energy begins to ensure a continuous operation. Unfortunately, the service life is limited and depends on the technique used, and the period of use. In this category you will find batteries for a wide range of laptops from leading manufacturers such as Lenovo, IBM, Fujitsu, HP and others.

What should I look for when buying a battery?

As with other components is also here that a battery is usually produced only for certain models. Therefore, you will find in each item description, the respective models are supported. In addition, sometimes you will encounter the term "High Capacity". This is bigger batteries, so after a charging allow for longer use of the notebook. These are slightly larger and can therefore easily protrude from the device, but what not usually disruptive. Whether you need a replacement battery or a second for a quick change. With us you get original batteries from different manufacturers. This will provide the quality and performance that will help their notebook at the usual endurance.

Which handling batteries is recommended?

Since technology is becoming more modern and the materials differ depending on the manufacturer, no general solution can be unfortunately specify which guarantees maximum life. However, certain options have proven that can bring about a longer useful. These include, firstly, that when fully charged should be no more permanent connection made ??to the electricity grid and to be avoided as far as possible unnecessary charging and discharging cycles. Example, if you work in the office with the notebook, it is advisable to remove the battery and only reinstate in mobile operation. If the storage is to take place over a longer period, a charge of 60-70% is recommended. However, it should be held recharged at least every 6 months, since the time automatically a discharge takes place. In order to achieve the longest possible time until the next boot, you should disable unneeded components. These include compounds such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or external consumers such as USB hard drives. In addition, a high screen brightness consumes a lot of energy. Furthermore, the energy management helps in phases where the notebook is not directly used to save power by setting the screen is turned off or the power completely goes into standby mode.
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