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condition descriptions

  • Used, fully tested and working, used marks possible
  • » Used, fully tested and working, used marks possible:

    Articles that were already in use and usually come from lease return runs or excess inventory. Wear, such as scratches or abrasions tracks that arise during normal use, may be present. Display's no stains, scratches and any mechanical damage. Accessories and manuals may be missing. In general, it is the device itself and power supply or power cable (if necessary). Operating system is usually not pre-installed and just like the driver CD's not included. The articles are completely revised by our competent staff and reset to factory default. In addition, the articles go through an extensive Reinigunsprozess, so that you end up keeping as a customer a quality used item in your hands that on the technical aspect has not and based on the optical aspect very little difference to a mint product.

  • Refurbished by manufacturer
  • » Refurbished by manufacturer:

    Generally, items that are returned within the Cancellation or return period or within the warranty period and then a technical review were subjected referred to as "refurbished". These maintenance and technical review of the functioning of the article has been taken over by an authorized by the manufacturer Servie Center and then brought the items back on sale, then get them to the state "Manufacturer refurbished". When the technical verification carried out directly by the seller, then this article will receive the status "overhauled by the seller." In "refurbished" items, however, are not just about returned within the time specified above article. This can be also act to returns from leasing contracts.

  • Used, reconditioned by the Seller
  • » Used, reconditioned by the Seller:

    Unlike "reconditioned manufacturer" in an article with the state in which the inspection and maintenance of the article has been taken over by an authorized by the manufacturer service center, articles have been "reconditioned by the seller" with the state revised and maintained by the vendor himself.

  • Brand new, bulk
  • » Brand new, bulk:

    These are new product which is supplied in large quantities. Bulk means "mass." We get these goods in extremely large quantities delivered and sell them on directly. Since the goods will only be delivered in large quantities, these are often no longer in the original packaging but in special packaging.

  • Brand new, not in original packaging
  • » Brand new, not in original packaging:

    New unused product missing the original packaging (where packaging was present). This is brandnew and was not supplied in large quantities as virgin, bulk. This lot has never been used, but has no packaging as the goods such as was opened for inspection or as an exhibit was at the store and the original packaging is no longer in stock now.

  • Brand new, factory sealed, opened for inspection
  • » Brand new, factory sealed, opened for inspection:

    New in original packaging which has already been opened for inspection or inspection of the product. Here, the original delivery is still included. However, the packaging has been opened to check the goods. Article is not used. Supplied by the manufacturer. Original packaging from the manufacturer, however, already been opened.

  • Brand new, factory sealed, unopened
  • » Brand new, factory sealed, unopened:

    New, unused and undamaged item in unopened original packaging (where packaging is applicable). These items have not been opened and are still in their original packaging. Then supplied by the manufacturer.

  • Used with optical defects
  • » Used with optical defects:

    Unlike the definition of "Used, technically sound, visually traces possible" optical traces of use here definitely there. The article does technically correct, but the optical traces of use are hard to miss. That Scratches on the surfaces, or pressure points on the display of monitors.

  • Used with remaining warranty
  • » Used with remaining warranty:

    Used items by the definition of "Used, technically sound, visually traces possible." These products still have a remaining warranty from the manufacturer. The expiration date of the remaining warranty can be found listed in the item description.

  • Used, see description
  • » Used, see description:

    Used items by the definition of "Used, technically sound, visually traces possible." However, here is a special description necessary, since any additional signs of wear are present that require an exact description. Also, the items are additional components that are not included or require special handling measures. All this you can find then listed in a separate description that is listed in the item description.

  • Defect
  • » Defect:

    This is a technically defective item. That This article technically works definitely no more and now serves only as a spare part and for customers who will be happy to own and operate eg want to tinker or have the same item and need a particular part of it.

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