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Brand new, bulk

These are articles that are new and unused. However, the scope of supply does not include any accessories and the original packaging is not used, which is why user manuals and the like are not often included.

Why is there bulk and has these disadvantages?

The addition bulk comes from the English and stands for "mass" or "bulk goods". We receive these articles in very large quantities and sell them directly, because many manufacturers use these products, among other things, to equip their computers and other systems. Due to the delivery in large quantities, shipping usually takes place in a special packaging and also accessories such as instructions, driver CDs or cables are not included in the delivery.

For you as a customer, the only difference is the missing original packaging and accessories. The guarantee of 24 months on new products also applies to these products. In addition, it is often possible to pay a lower price for bulk goods, since expensive packaging and extensive accessories are not required.

Who are the products for the bulk variant?

Unlike the retail version, almost no package is shipped together with the hardware. Therefore these products are particularly suitable for savvy users who need components for upgrading or replacing defective hardware. The ones that do not need the accessories can be particularly beneficial, as there is already a sufficient number available. These include, for example, data transfer cables for SATA hard disks, DVI-VGA adapters for computer monitors, or simply driver CDs for graphics cards.

Special drivers and other software is often already referenced in the current version from the website of the manufacturer. However, there are not all components as bulk version. This is usually the case with memory, processors, expansion cards, hard drives and drives, as well as spare parts in some cases. In a replacement display for a notebook, e.g. Cable connections from the display to be replaced.

If you want to configure your own PC and have a powerful CPU fan, the CPU can also be considered as bulkware without any concerns. Because here the normally supplied processor cooler is not paid. So you get exactly what you need.
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