Founded under the name Legend Group...
Founded under the name Legend Group in 1984, the company focused initially only on the sale of equipment from other manufacturers. The production of its own models began in the late 80s, but in 2005 took over the complete Lenovo PC division of IBM and also moved the headquarters to the United States. There are also even more seats in China and Singapore. Today Lenovo is the world leader, if one considers the numbers of PCs sold, and employs approximately 33,000 people. In the German market, Lenovo was able to increase its visibility enormously and increase the market share by the introduction at Medion in 2011th Moreover, it was bought in 2014 and Motorola Mobility by Google, in order to further gain a foothold in the mobile segment.

Latest Product Series


These notebooks are among the best known and are, thanks to their characteristics, perfect for corporate use. Since they have to pass several tests rigorously, they deliver exceptional reliability and withstand more than just the standard requirements. The T-series has it enough power for all tasks and includes notebooks with a screen size of 14 or 15 inches. For particularly demanding applications, the workstations of the W-series help with up to 32 GB of memory to ensure a liquid and fast workflow. Here they are equipped with 15-inch screen and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics card. Those looking for not only a laptop, but a Convertible takes place in the X and Yoga series be suitable model. All ThinkPad models include hardware appliance ideally suited for the particular application. In our offer we also offer refurbished laptops of the brand Lenovo, to give you the low price, the possibility to use outstanding quality and to benefit from the advantages.


With the workstations from Lenovo to get robust systems with unbeatable performance. Available they are available in four sizes to cover the client's needs exactly. The entry class already has a Intel Xeon processor and up to 32GB of DDR3 ECC memory. In the high-performance class two processors and the maximum memory care with 128 GB capacity for a computing power that mastered even the most complex tasks easily. All models also feature a, be rated for 24-hour operation, power supply and a certification for Windows 7, and Windows 8 in order to ensure the future safety.


In this series desktop computer find for any size business. The All-In-One PC with a screen size of up to 23 inches and full HD resolution are also suitable for touch operation and support all the latest features such as USB 3.0 and VoIP. Of course, the standard desktop computer are represented. These up to 3 independent monitors can operate and they provide with an efficiency of 92%, the power supply for low power consumption. If you experience the space play an important role, has the Tiny- series with the ideal tools. These include the latest hardware, such as an Intel Core i5 processor, and weigh only 1.3kg yet. The assembly of the monitor is made possible by a VESA mount. All ThinkCentre models can be opened without tools and are therefore easy to maintain.

Other Products

In addition, Lenovo also produces tower and rack servers under the name ThinkServer. Also include tablets, as well as accessories for all devices on the product range. The comprehensive offer you is the chance to get all the hardware of your company from a single source to ensure a perfect match.
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