Since 2003 sells Sharkoon exceptional...
Since 2003 sells Sharkoon exceptional items related to computers. It uses the Manufacturers a global distribution network to every user the complex designed and high quality manufactured products to offer. These include eg. PC case, but also Storage solutions and other accessories such as headsets. Thus Sharkoon aimed primarily at PCund Console users, who value unique Optiok and performance. Even at the Designing the Company is to focus on the needs of customers, which is why a Focusing on energy efficiency and quiet operation. With two separate locations in Germany and Taiwan, Sharkoon provides a direct contact with producers and suppliers, and business partners. With us you get for example. Used PC case, an ideal basis for your new desktop system.



like select particular users to your PC yourself, get in a Sharkoon extensive selection of computer cases. From conventional ATX Midi Tower, about Micro- ATX to Mini-ITX, you can choose exactly the right size. Intricately designed models Lighting and many extras are also available as simple housing in black. Would you say, for example. Create a living room PC, you will also ensure the correct see Case.

Power Supplies

Depending on the application, you can also choose the correct power supply for Sharkoon. Up to 700 watts total output are those sufficiently powerful to multiple or particularly sophisticated graphics cards supply. certify certifications by the 80 Plus guidelines In addition, the energy efficiency. A modular cable management is in some models of course also available, as well as high-quality fans that operate as quietly as possible.

Housing accessories

Of course, Sharkoon also holds the right accessories for PC case ready. These include on the one hand HDD carrier, as well as vibration dampers. The latter reduce the noise of Disk enormously and provide whisper quiet computer system. With the help of various Front-panel inserts, you can also for other interfaces on the front of the PC . Ensure


To ensure the removal of heat in the housing, you can use one or more of Case Fan block. This offer due to the high quality finish high Cooling capacity, without providing for an increased noise level. The fan of SHARK Blades Series also provide a visual one eye, as these available in different colors are.

Storage Solutions

In storage area is naturally found in Sharkoon USB sticks and external housing and Docking stations for hard disks. In addition, however, the manufacturer offers RAID enclosure, up to eight record disks. These can be eg. For private media collection, but also for use small and medium office environments. After configuring the desired RAID mode, the data are adequately protected against drive failure. The connection to terminals takes place, eg. via eSATA or USB3.0 interfaces.


For gaming enthusiasts and gamers, Sharkoon is also matched accessories. In addition to mice and keyboards, and mouse pads, mainly include stereo headsets Deal of the manufacturer. but all products ensure straight through design stir, as this particularly have failed and designed partly colorful. Who on LAN parties is often on the road, is also love the Gaming bags because these bags sleeps accessories required offer to make it easy to transport.

Other Accessories

Whether PC, laptop or tablet, Scharkoon still manufactures many other accessories to make your daily PC to facilitate. These include external card readers and USB hubs, as well as adapters to eg. A USB hub and network connection to use the same time to a single USB 3.0 port. Expansion cards for PCI Express slots manufactures Sharkoon also, which you number the the USB ports of your computer to increase again.
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