The MATROX Electronic Systems Ltd. is a manufacturer of graphics cards and other video hardware. The Canadian company was founded in Montreal in 1976 and took on its current headquarters in Dorval. It also is still family owned and is therefore not listed on the stock exchange. The German branch, the MATROX Electronic Systems GmbH, located in Unterhaching. More than 900 employees work internationally in three business areas MATROX Graphics, MATROX MATROX Imaging and Video. We provide professional and above all overhauled graphics cards for the high-end range and special applications. This used graphics cards offer you not only the graphics performance with special features that come to advantage only for professional use.

Product Overview

C Series

With the PCIe x16 graphics cards MATROX controls up to six displays or projectors. Compatible are here monitors with DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI port, may be an adapter is only required. The graphics cards supported DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.4, and the MATROX PowerDesk for Windows to accurately adjust its desktops. The maximum resolution of the top model is 4096 x 2160 per output.

G Series

Users of professional 2D applications are very well served by the G-series. The dual head graphics cards are available in multiple form factors, for both the PCI, as well as for the PCIe slot. In addition, not only drivers for Windows but also Linux and other Unix-like operating systems are available from MATROX.

M Series

The MATROX M series includes multi-display graphics cards in ATX and low-profile form factor PCIe slot. The monitors are supplied with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1600, creating a unique multi-monitor experience is created. The modern desktop manager allows a precise adjustment of the presentation to your own needs. Who needs more monitors, can easily retrofit additional M-Series graphics cards, as these can be bundled. Are at most as up to 16 displays to a computer possible.


The only model of this series, the MATROX G450x4 MMS graphics card provides connections for four monitors. Each monitor can be assigned its own resolution. The length of the card is approximately half a standard PCI card. This makes it suitable for smaller desktop computers. As with the M-series and the use of multiple graphics cards are supported in a computer. In contrast to the other series mentioned above this card is not produced for the PCIe slot.

P Series

The P-Series graphics cards deliver reliable solutions for two or four monitors. The low power consumption and a flexible model selection provide additional advantages. There are, for example, a standard PCI model, as well as current PCIe cards. For small computer also low profile stand maps. The unified display driver always ensures a quick and easy means of personal desktops.

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