The manufacturer has been operating...
The manufacturer has been operating on the market since 1996 under the name of Inter-Tech Elektronikhandels GmbH and supplies its customers mainly with computer housings and power supplies. However, extensions of the range followed, so that today various accessories such as hard drive housings, adapters and cooling components are added. In addition to the high quality requirements, Inter-Tech is characterized by individual solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. However, the company supplies not only OEM manufacturers with the necessary components, but also offers them under own brands. We mainly supply Inter-Tech power supplies as well as other PC components.

Product Portfolio

PC Enclosures

In this area, you have a free choice at Inter-Tech. From the stylish gaming tower of the Eterno series, to the compact Mini-ITX housing, there is something for everyone. Computer enthusiasts, who like to assemble their own PC, are fully satisfied. Just choose the hardware and size you want, as well as the look which PC case is ideal for your purpose.

Power Supplies
As with the housings, the power supplies also have a wide range of different models to choose from. The ATX power supplies for the desktop and gaming computer run mainly under the brand SAMA and leave nothing to be desired. Also, more compact SFX and TFX models are available. Inter-Tech also manufactures power supplies for servers that achieve particularly high reliability. Through different formats and additional features, both end users and OEM manufacturers find the right product. Redundant power supplies with hot-swap function are also included.

IPC / Storage / RAID

In various cases it may be useful to compile a server or a storage system completely. In addition, Inter-Tech is naturally speaking with these housings of OEMs. The choice is between tower housings and rack models with up to 4 HE (4U). Lockable fronts and an integrated TFT screen together with input devices, are only two of the possible features.


For the network hardware, Inter-Tech has established the netis brand on the market. This includes switches (optionally with PoE), WLAN adapters, WLAN routers, network adapters, as well as patch panels and KVM over IP devices. Your complete network infrastructure is thus available from a single source, which ensures a trouble-free and reliable interaction of the individual components. Likewise, the terminals are, of course, suitable for extending existing environments.


For the smooth operation of a computer system, a reliable removal of heat is required. Inter-Tech provides CPU coolers for desktops, Intel and AMD-based servers, as well as Mini-ITX systems. This ensures the perfect cooling and ultimately also benefits from a higher performance since the system can work longer on a higher performance level.


With the MeeBox or the MeeStick, you get the ideal streaming media player. Transfer content from the tablet or smartphone directly to your TV and watch videos in full HD quality or listen to your favorite music. Furthermore, Inter-Tech offers Bluetooth headphones with which you can completely immerse yourself in the sound.

Other products

In addition, Inter-Tech offers a wide range of additional items. This includes various cables, case fans and expansion cards for PC systems. The latter can be used, for example, for retrofitting certain connections. To secure your devices, you will also receive Kensington Lock as theft protection.
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