Electronic Arts Inc. is one of the world's leading companies when it comes to video games and digital entertainment. Electronic Arts (EA for short) is responsible for the development and publication of the games. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. The various games are available for the PC and various consoles, with more and more titles also appearing on mobile devices. In Germany, Electronic Arts GmbH in Cologne is responsible for various business areas. This includes EA Mobile, the development work and of course the release of the games. We offer you video games by Electronic Arts from different genres for the well-known consoles and Windows.

Selection of games


One of the biggest series of Electronic Arts is certainly the soccer sports simulation FIFA. The first title was already on the market in 1993 and there is a new edition every year. That's why the series already includes more than 20 titles, especially as there are also individual offshoots such as FIFA Street. The main advantage over the competition is the licensing situation, since many well-known leagues, clubs and other content are faithfully reproduced. In addition, FIFA usually appears for the current platforms, including above all the PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

dragon age

The Dragon Age series is developed by BioWare, but EA is the publisher and also holds the trademark rights, as BioWare was acquired in 2008. In the game you will explore a fantasy world inhabited by different races, including humans, dwarves and elves. In addition, you must constantly develop your character to survive in the role-playing game. Dragon Age has also been used in comics, novels and films.

Need for Speed

As the name suggests, the Need for Speed series is a racing game by Electronic Arts. The first titles were among those that integrated existing vehicles with manufacturer licenses. The development was done by several studios, some versions were also produced by EA Black Box. The individual titles were playable on various consoles, some of which were also released on mobile devices.


One of the also quite extensive game series is Battlefield. There are already more than ten ego-shooter editions, in which air, water and ground units are available. In addition, the focus is on the multiplayer, which already brings up to 64 players together on one map, especially on current platforms. Battlefield is currently produced mainly for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs.

The Simse

With this series EA has another very successful computer game in its portfolio. In the life simulation, the player takes full control of the characters called Sims. From the establishment of a household, over the job search, up to the building of houses and its mechanism, you can let your creativity practically free run. If you want even more choice in furniture, clothing, animals or other functions, you can also use the extensions, which are distributed separately to the respective main game. The series is developed by Studio Maxis.
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