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For us as a dealer is not only the pure sales, but also always a high customer satisfaction. We have therefore made the decision to leave our online shop by the EHI Retail Institute GmbH (EHI) certification. You as a customer can thus be confident that we apply high standards and they meet as the future. What exactly is in the EHI certification and what benefits can attract customers from, we explain below.

What is behind the EHI Retail Institute GmbH?

The EHI conducts research and development in various fields, which is set primarily on close cooperation with practice. Studies, workshops and conferences revolve around the topic of online commerce and are also supporting manufacturers and service providers, with forward-looking concepts and trends. In addition to e-commerce in particular, the issues of information technology, logistics and packaging, as well as online payment and marketing are highlighted. For this reason, the EHI has a high level of expertise that comes just at the certification for use.

What are the requirements associated with the EHI-certificate?

Essentially, online stores have to meet high standards of reliability, data protection and security in order to obtain the certificate. The tests include the legal texts, ie Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policy and more, as well as product presentation and present, as well as post-contractual duty information. Likewise, the legally compliant use of tracking tools will be investigated, including eg. Google Analytics belongs. In addition, the test is repeated every year, so you can rely on as a client, that the specifications be permanently adhered to.

How to recognize EHI certified dealer?

In order to recognize at first glance that a successful certification was conducted, can place the EHI Seal directly on their website online stores. In addition, there is a database in which the certified dealers are listed. Meanwhile counts these more than 600 well-known shops, each certified online shop at the same time receives an authorization for the EMOTA Seal. This European quality label ensures that the European standard is inclusive of all criteria met. To offer a high level of security and ease of use, we have also set the goal us to meet these strict guidelines, so you happy and safe can order in the future.

What advantages does this have for you as a customer?

First and foremost, of course, is to emphasize that an audited by the EHI Institute online retailers maintain high standards must be made to this test. This requires a customer-friendly and transparent handling of internal processes. This will benefit you as a customer, as we follow strict guidelines regarding the way we work, which is also reflected in the quality management. Thus we have modern philosophy and offer our customers the best possible way to fulfill his wishes. In addition, the customer is on the EHI-certificate a complaint form is available, which is included in the non EHI complaint management.

What exactly is the EUI-complaint management?

If there is disagreement between buyers and sellers, so you can contact the customer directly via the complaint form at EHI. Then occurs EHI than neutral third party and trying to find a fair and unbureaucratic solution for both sides. It is not about formal rules and deadlocked processes, but rather to resolve the conflict mutually satisfactory. As a result, problems often be resolved quickly, friendly and otherwise.

Where can I find the complaint form?

If a problem can not be solved directly through our customer service, so you can take the complaint management services. For this you can fill out the complaint form online. This can be found in our webshop. If you are on the home page, you only need to click on the EHI-certificate. You will immediately be forwarded to the review page. There you will find the button "to complaints form". This then click to go to the filled out form. Nevertheless, we ask for problems in the first place to get in touch with our customer service. Most conflicts in this way can be solved properly.

What criteria must be respected by the dealer?

All basic requirements for the award of EHI seal are listed in the criteria. A brief outline of the criteria, for example, covers the exam in the following areas. It must be ensured a transparent ordering process. All our information requirements must be legally standardized. Likewise, a serious privacy practices must be present. Also be made by EHI test orders, which are to guarantee the maintenance of standards. For those interested, a detailed list of criteria on the website of EHI. You can get also by clicking on the linked in our shop seal and then by clicking on the criteria for detailed listing.

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