When DisplayPort is a standard transmission standard for audio and video signals. This can all manufacturers since version 1.2 (published in 2010 ) can be used on payment of a license fee. He has prevailed particularly in the field of computer (especially for video cards and monitors), laptops and televisions. But even some current tablets now have such a connection to make a simple connection to a Blu-ray player or other devices. We therefore get refurbished complete systems, hardware and accessories that use the display port, and the corresponding connection cable for proper transmission.

What characterizes the display port?

The DisplayPort is designed primarily to completely replace the older standard VGA, and DVI, but also to take up the competition with HDMI. He offers some technical advantages that speak for using this port. To promote the spread is given an electronic compatibility with other standards VGA, DVI and HDMI. Therefore, the terminals can be operated also mixed using an appropriate adapter. If, for example, connect a DVI display device via an adapter to the video card , this will be detected automatically and the video card sends in DVI format on. The adapter then provides only that the signals are transmitted to the corresponding wires of the cable. The maximum data rate ranges in the latest version for resolutions of 3840 x 2400 or 4096 x 2560 and allows up to a cable length of 15 m is still a perfect transmission in HD quality. Thus, for example, could be connected easily desktop computers and televisions , and you do not have to put right next to each other this or

Have to expect compromises in image quality. Another advantage is the smaller couplers and connectors, with mini- DisplayPort is the first choice of manufacturer for notebooks and tablets, as it requires less space. The normal display port connections are used in graphics cards to use, provide multiple ports for monitors. In addition, the connectors can optionally be mechanically locked so that slipping is prevented during operation. For easy connection cables are used, which are completely identical at both ends. A swap is therefore thus entirely excluded. Particular advantages is also an additional line of connection, because it can be used universally for different data transmissions, such as touch inputs of screens, Webcam signals or for other peripherals and components. Also included is the HDCP encryption method described by film editors is required when the digital signals of a playback device, such as the DVD, to be transferred to a monitor or TV. So Take advantage of the many benefits of this standard and opt for an example of our professional refurbished video cards. This can cause your computer to a new boost in performance and speed in particular applications for image and video editing.