At be quiet! is it a brand name of...
At be quiet! is it a brand name of Litan GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of computer power supplies, housing coolers, PC cases and coolers processor is. The main focus of be quiet! located on gamers and PC enthusiasts who like to put together their own computer. The company is since 2007 a leader in power supplies in Germany, which speaks to the quality of the products. The design, layout and quality control of the various components are fully implemented in Germany. Here, of course, is also the name of the program, so be quiet! Products of the quietest ever belong. We offer particular used be quiet! Power supplies, but of course, fans, and other components.


Dark Power Pro

The high-end series offers up to 1200 W of power and is therefore equipped ideal for gaming PCs and multimedia systems. Also overclocking and multiple graphics cards let> n with these power supplies operate effortlessly. So you are prepared for all eventualities, whether 3D games or video editing, the power supply is ensured.

Straight Power

For particularly quiet, yet powerful systems offers be quiet! the power supplies of the Straight Power in series. Of course, with up to 700 W more than one graphics card is possible, so you can upgrade without restriction here. Moreover, the almost inaudible operation provides a pleasant work environment, whether in the office or at home.

Pure Power L8

This ATX power supplies are cooled by a quiet 120mm fan, which is particularly durable thanks rifle bearing technology. With up to 700 watts of continuous power, they also get sufficient power reserves, if your computer is really required of all time. With the 80 PLUS Bronze certification, you will also receive an efficiency of up to 88%, and even questions your electric bill will be reduced.

System Power

Without frills and extras System Power provide basic performance and high quality, for the vast majority of claims. A 80PLUS Silver certification and an efficiency of up to 90% provide an environmentally friendly and efficient operation. With a power output of 300 W up to 700 W also benefit from these power supplies various systems. With this series, says be quiet! targeted at system integrators who want to offer your customers the best possible value for money.

Silent Base

As a basis for quiet, yet powerful PC, the housing Silent base from be quiet! serve. It is designed for a controlled Luftromzuführung and high cooling efficiency. It thus allows whisper-quiet operation. Three be quiet! Pure Wings 2 fans are already installed and take care of the removal of the heat. For subsequent upgrades there is enough space and installation of components is facilitated by a tool-free assembly.
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