With the establishment in 1986, Antec has now become one of the leading manufacturers for Components and accessories, computers and notebooks established in the field. In that respect the Less emphasis on the supply of large manufacturers, but more at end users who want to put together their own individual computer. The company is headquartered located in California. However, the company is also represented with offices in Munich and Berlin in Germany. The products are sold in over 40 countries and include this Chassis, power supplies, adapters, fans, and other accessories. In addition to the efficiency of the hardware is here also quiet operation an essential feature.

current product series

Atlas / Titan

The two tower chassis are for servers and workstations is a good choice because it useful by Enable features a soft, yet powerful system. Suitable for standard Motherboard a power supply with up to 650W power is pre-installed to the ATX form factor. Also, a 120mm case fan is present, the removal of a quiet resulting warmth. In the front, two more fans can be mounted to the Hard drives to cool sufficiently. The hard drives can be used in both models on access Insert at the front, creating a future maintenance a breeze too.


With the power supplies EarthWatts series, you not only ensure an adequate supply of Components with up to 650W power, but reduce by a high efficiency even Your electricity bill. In this case, these devices are subject to high quality standard and are either certified by 80Plus bronze or platinum. This certificate is internationally recognized and evaluated the efficiency of the tested power supplies. With extensive connectivity options and more Features such as optimum fan control, these power supplies are suitable for workstations and Computers in the business sector.

TrueQuiet / TriCool / TwoCool

When comprehensive range of case fans, no wishes remain open. In this case, support the Models both a quiet operation as well as the optimal cooling with a higher speed. The tool-free assembly makes it even easier to use and are silicone nubs Vibration and noise is reduced to a minimum. Available the fans are in common Sizes such as 80, 92, 120 and 140mm. For the optical effect are optional LED fan in various colors.

More Products

Antec makes its own case for almost any application. This includes tower models for home users, but also server enclosure for mounting in a rack. Also accessories such as a Water cooling, portable speaker, notebook documents with integrated fan, mobile batteries, Hard drive enclosure and adapter are part of the product portfolio. If you cheap their computer want to upgrade, this is the easiest and cheapest especially with used hardware from our range. This is, for example, to refurbished power supplies, the current Comply with standards and are technically sound.

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