Known today under the name of Zebra...
Known today under the name of Zebra Technologies, the company was founded in 1969 as Data Specialties Incorporated. The headquarters are located in the US and it was renamed in 1986 after the focus has been directed to the production of on-demand printing solutions. In addition, Zebra today produces and Auto-ID solutions and applicable in both areas as one of the world leaders. The products are sold in over 100 countries and manufacturing facilities are based in the US, Asia and Europe. The German subsidiary is located in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf and is, for example, responsible for technical support, and distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Current Products

G Series

Its compact design, this label and label printer suitable especially for the office workplace. The devices work with the thermal transfer or direct transfer technology and support labels with a width of 104 mm (4 inches). This makes them suitable for many applications, such as Pricing, shipping labels or product identification. The maximum resolution is 300 dpi and a printing speed of 152 mm / s is provided for a smooth and fast flow. Also at the terminals is offering a special variety, because in addition to the standard ports like USB and RS232, are also models with LAN port, WLAN and Bluetooth function, see the range.

ZXP Series

The card printers from the ZXP Series are available in three different variants. This shall do so significantly after printing volume. With this, up to 750 cards per hour 300 cards pr hour to print in color, whereby the models are suitable for any size companies and institutions in black and white or. Common areas of application are, for example, Library cards, tickets, guest passes, or personalized access cards. Also on usability special attention has been paid so that these devices are designed so that they can each be operated intuitively and no long training is required.

Z Series

Industrial environments demand special properties and set high standards. But even these are met by Zebra with the models of Z-series in full. Thanks to the metal housing, they are very robust and suitable eg. For workshops. In addition, they are distinguished with a maximum speed of 254 mm / s by high productivity. For inclusion in the network or for connection to the computer there are several options to choose from, both wired as well as wireless connectivity support.

Other Products

In the field of printers offered by Zebra also Wristwatches, RFID and mobile printers. Here are all devices for reliability, but also ease of use ensures a steady customer satisfaction. For all printers Zebra also offers the right consumables, but also a matching software is also provided for each application. This is, for example, creating a visitor's pass a cinch.
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