As a technology company, which has...
As a technology company, which has existed since 1906, Xerox is now the world's 500 most successful companies. The more than 140,000 employees provide again and again for new innovations and so already some 12,000 innovative ideas of employees could be patented. Among the best known developments is the Ethernet protocol. With its printing solutions, and services, the company is represented in more than 180 countries. In Germany, there are two branches. Firstly, the Xerox GmbH in Neuss and secondly the Xerox IT Services GmbH in Mülheim on the Ruhr. In 2010 also was ACS (a specialist from the US IT outsourcing) are adopted, whereby its own offer has been extended to services.

Current product lines


With the office printers can be all tasks of everyday office life master with ease. They support a monthly duty cycle of up to 50,000 pages and there are both color, and black and white printers. The suitability for small to medium workgroups they acquire by special connectivity. The wireless feature is available on some models already available as standard and need not be first retrofitted. Support With a print speed of 40 pages per minute and also they increase productivity in the company.


Developed for high demands, these models targeting small to large workgroups. A monthly duty cycle of 100,000 pages and more is not a problem. You are able both DinA4 how to do well DinA3 printouts and offer not only the usual reliability, but also ensure a particular user comfort. Common functions such as copy, fax and scan support you of course as well as duplex printing and email.


This series includes special color printer with revolutionary solid ink technology. They are ideal for frequent color printing, since the operating costs be significantly lower due to the special technique. Optionally, you can get the models as a multifunction device or default printer. The Xerox ConnectKey controller you will also receive the opportunity to cloud services to take advantage of mobile solutions and a pioneering IT security.

Other Products

In addition to the featured series, Xerox printers also for very large applications. This thereby achieve a volume of 2 million pages per month, making them suitable for printing and other industries. Also plotter for example. Architects are sold by Xerox in various versions. Through services also support companies who want to digitize their business documents and easier to manage. The Process Outsoursing be further busy easier to design business processes and facilitate data processing. If you want to benefit from the reliability and quality of products, we offer a variety of refurbished printers that work with different techniques and are designed for various applications. Due to the favorable cost so you worry financially for a special added value in your company.
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