Used - Very Good

These items are in very good condition and have been little used or extremely well maintained. The products have a maximum of light usage traces, whereby the technical function is in any case without restrictions.

When is the purchase of used products in this state?

Since it is very well maintained or rarely used products, the purchase can be Then pay for everything, if you are in the first place a perfect condition. However, a warranty of 12 months is also included, which is why you are fully secured in this regard.

In some cases, the scope of delivery for the product is still included, but this does not have to be the case. Please also pay attention to the product description to determine which accessories are included. The same applies to manuals, driver CDs and other accessories from the manufacturer. The main article, however, operates without restriction and has at most light usage traces. This would include, for example, minimal craters on the underside of a notebook.

Through the use of used computer systems and appropriate hardware in very good condition, you get especially at the price advantages. In terms of performance, however, these products are comparable to new products. So make the most of your budget and profit from the best possible price / performance ratio.

Are the articles repaired?

If necessary, we of course clean every product before it gets into our range and clean eg fan and heat sink. The used computers and hardware components in very good condition, however, were treated very carefully. Depending on the item, we also restore the factory condition so that you can start with your own equipment immediately after receipt. A function test also takes place to ensure that no restrictions are imposed on the operation.