These articles already show usage traces, which occur during frequent use, but they are still in a good condition. The product must be fully functional and there should be no restrictions on general use.

Are the articles offered complete?

The technical condition of these products is without any restrictions, but the accessories or the other accessories of the manufacturer may be missing. We will give this in detail in the product description. If, for example, you need data cables or similar, please check the details of the scope of delivery beforehand.

Who are these products for?

The biggest advantage of these products is the price, since this is, of course, significantly lower than for comparable new products. If you do not interfere with usage traces on the respective system or the hardware, you can therefore access without hesitation in order to use functional products at an attractive purchase price. In addition, observe that only optical restrictions, which do not impair the technical function themselves. For a used PC, this can be scratches on the housing, for example.

So if you're looking for a laptop or a computer that simply depends on a good price / performance ratio and the function, these articles are perfect. Many of these articles are also pure hardware, which allows, for example, a cost-effective upgrade. So you can make your PC system fit again for new tasks, without making a high investment.

Can the articles be exchanged as required?

Of course you get the legally prescribed guarantee of a total of 12 months and also the right of revocation is valid without restriction. However, the exchange is not possible in some cases, since this always depends on the respective stock. If you are experiencing problems with a specific device or the hardware, please contact us directly because many problems can be solved remotely.
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