The manufacturer TP-Link was in the...
The manufacturer TP-Link was in the area of ??network products to make a name and convinced cost-conscious users with high-quality and reliable products. In Germany cares since 2009, TP-Link Germany GmbH to marketing and support. This is in Hofheim am Taunus (near Frankfurt) resident and also accommodates the central warehouse for Western Europe. Since 2013 is located in Munich, a further sales office, as the company has a good reputation, especially in the DA-CH region. Total employs TP-Link approximately 23,000 employees worldwide, winning them over to a new innovative products. We provide different network hardware from TP-Link, from used wireless stick to switches and routers.


Home Network

This area offers TP-Link numerous products for a reliable and efficient network in a private environment. Whether wireless router for radio coverage, SOHO switches for adding or different DSL hardware, you can adjust your network perfectly to your needs. To start browsing with devices such as desktop PCs and tablets without difficulties and disconnections. You can also expand existing networks easily, for which purpose, for example, the Powerline adapter and wireless repeater suitable. To zoom in, for example. The radio area for a low price and can always rely on your network connection.


Who is often on the road, is always ready for use a Internet wants. This requirement is fully met by TP Links Mobile series. The mobile wireless router with 4G / LTE or 3G / UMTS connectivity provide several devices via a data link. Some models are also equipped with a Power Bank, which at the same time can charge smartphones or similar devices. USB flash drives for the mobile extension of a notebook you get of course also.

Smart Home

This product box revolves primarily around cameras and wireless outlets. The latter can be controlled easily and offer either a consumption indicator. The cameras of TP-Link offer day / night shots and cloud connections. Depending on the model, various wireless standards and recording quality up to HD are supported.


Especially in the current era of networking, one often requires a range of accessories, to equip a particular terminal fit. From the Power Bank for mobile power supply, to the print server for the integration of a printer in the existing network, provides TP-Link various products for everyday life. Also USB hubs, converters and cables can be found below so you practically for every application received the matching products.

Business Networks

In the business segment, where the request are even higher performance and stability, provides TP-Link various hardware for a perfect equipment. These include switches and routers business, enabling a high-performance, wired network. Furthermore you different Business Wireless Access Points offer, reliable not only for Radio coverage care, but also comply with numerous safety standards. Matching software to manage, you get also the manufacturer in order to keep your network at any time under the full control.

Meta Description: Wir bieten Ihnen verschiedene Produkte von TP-Link wie gebrauchte Switches, für ein zuverlässiges und stabiles Netzwerk im Unternehmen und Zuhause.
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