Sun Microsystems is since 2010 part...
Sun Microsystems is since 2010 part of Oracle Corporation and was a manufacturer of hardware and software. After the foundation in 1982, initially workstations were produced, who worked with the Unix operating system.

The best-known company in the public through the Java technology and the related programming has been. Worldwide Sun has about 29,000 employees. Of these, around 1,500 work in Germany. As to the acquisition by Oracle Sun as the leading provider of open source databases was, several projects following the acquisition of Sun and Oracle have averted.



The Server division was fully acquired by Oracle. This includes the SPARC servers, which are equipped with the specially developed by Sun SPARC processor. The operating system is Solaris from Oracle for use. The servers are modular and can easily be adapted to your own requirements and possibly expand. They are also available in rack, tower and blade system ensures that you are suitable for any size of business. The servers are especially suitable for database applications and virtualization. When associated clients the so-called Sun Ray clients are available, providing the ideal solution for the display and use of virtual desktops.


In the field of tape drives and tape libraries, the name StorageTek Oracle is still used today. This company had fully acquired in 2006 Sun Germany. Again, there is a wide range of solutions for data backup and archiving on tape drives. The systems are all modular and can therefore be completely configured based storage needed. To connect servers to large storage networks, include host bus adapters and switches currently the most powerful ways. These devices are also sold under the name Sun StorageTek respectively and offer a particularly high data throughput. For particularly demanding applications, the systems of the Sun Flash Storage Series can be used. The SSD drives are sold as normal SATAVariante and in the PCIe version. The capacity in this case is up to 800GB per card.


The general public in the most famous product of Sun's Java. This software and the same programming language can be used versatile and can be found on many devices of our everyday lives, such as the desktop PC, TV or smartphone. The goal of Java is barrier-free to use applications on many different devices without having to worry about the operating system or other technical key data. Currently Java is available in version 8 and also supports HTML5. Oracle multiple frameworks and assistance for the development of applications, in particular for developers provided. Through Embedded Java it should manufacturers of electronic equipment, such as televisions, their products Java be facilitated also able to market.
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