SanDisk is an international company...
SanDisk is an international company that can look back on over 27 years of history. Here, the manufacturer is always regarded as an innovator of new technologies in the storage segment and impresses with groundbreaking products. Whether for entire data centers, in consumer electronics or in your mobile device, such as the tablet or smartphone, almost anywhere with SanDisk's computing solutions present. Today about 8,000 employees work for the company, which continues to put their focus on the development of advanced components. We therefore get used SSDs and other storage components of SanDisk, which can be used eg. In Dekstop computer or your laptop.

Products Portfolio

cards and readers

When the memory card you get from SanDisk quasi all possible form factors, such as. SD, CompactFlash or CFast 2.0. This naturally also includes the increasingly used microSD card for smartphones and tablet PCs or digital cameras. Corresponding readers for the PC can be quickly and easily connected via USB and operate with USB 3.0 ensures a particularly fast transfer of data.

USB memory

A USB stick must meet various requirements depending on the application. Therefore, you receive SanDisk different models that have a robust metal housing, can be extended or be suitable for wireless transmissions. Among the most powerful models include the SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 flash drive, which not only offers a fast data rate, but tucked up to 256 GB in a compact flash drive.


Once you have an SSD in a notebook, you do not want to miss the enormous power increase. For this reason, SanDisk offers a variety of models of the Ultra and Extreme series in the consumer sector, which are used directly in the notebook or computer. But there are not just standard SATA drives at the moment because the mSATA interface is also supported, as well as external flash memory for data transport. If you want to make any general hard disk replacement, and a SanDisk SSD Cache Ready can be used in home computers. This provides a 32 GB flash memory as a cache to accelerate accesses to frequently used data.

SSD X and Z-Series

If you want to do without flash memory in the working devices in the enterprise, you are in the X and Z-series sure to find something. These models have this special characteristics, in terms of durability and reliability, so that for example, the SSDs of the X300s family have a carrying capacity of more than 80 TBW. In addition, all products of said series with m.2 2280- and mSATA interface, as well as a conventional 2.5-inch model in 7mm high housing are available.


With its InfiniFlash solution SanDisk specifically targeted at data centers, where other factors, in addition to the storage capacity and performance, also play a role. So one of these systems already has 512 TB of flash memory and is housed in a 3U rack enclosure. Up to eight servers can be connected quickly and easily to make a trouble-free scaling. These environments are used largely in the area of ??Big Data and for OpenStack / Ceph infrastructures.
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