These items have been completely overtaken by the manufacturer. This means you are technically, as well as optically in a perfect condition. So you can use the product in the same way, we can use similar new products and get no restrictions.

What is the state of the manufacturer overhauled?

In addition to the numerous articles that we have been working on in the refurbishing process, we also offer a variety of products, Which have been directly overtaken by the manufacturer and are thus put back on sale.

All items returned by the customer within the withdrawal or return period or within the warranty period will be subject to a full technical review in order to eliminate any defects that may be present and to ensure the functional capability. These can also be the reverse of leases. If this process takes place in an authorized service center of the respective manufacturer, the article is given the status "manufacturer overhauled" and you will receive a 12-month warranty as usual.

Who are these articles particularly suitable for?

It can, of course, be the most diverse devices. In addition to used network hardware as well as printers, original spare parts for used notebooks and components for computers and servers can be found here.

At the manufacturer, as with us, you have the assurance that everything has been fully checked and, if an exchange takes place, this only happens with original spare parts. Since we also offer many of these spare parts individually in our assortment, it is worthwhile to take a look, A notebook whose screen or processor is defective. We also have many special components in stock, such as motherboards and graphics cards, which are often only made for a particular model. A used but overhauled CPU or a battery tested by the manufacturer can often help to the usual performance again.

Of course, many of the hardware components are also suitable for upgrading a server or computer. This allows servers to be equipped with redundant power supplies or additional storage capacity is provided by additional SATA hard disks. In the case of complete devices, you can also assume that wearing parts are replaced. For a projector, this would be the lamp, a printer can be paper feed rollers, and other internal components.
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