Promos Technologies is a Taiwanese DRAM manufacturer that was founded in December 1996. But the company is focused not only on the known working memory modules from computers, but also produces storage solutions for the automotive industry and other industries. For a time, there was also a partnership with Hynix Semiconductor, however, this was terminated in 2009. In our offer you will find mainly RAM modules to computers and laptops that operate according to the standards of DDR, DDR2, DDR3 or.



The first memory with Double Data Rate (DDR) technology are more suited for older PCs and laptops. There you can nevertheless be very useful used for cost extension or repair, to continue using the respective system. In general, there are a maximum of 512 MB of memory on a module.


With the DDR2 modules, many systems are operated today. Due to the low price is an upgrade to the more offers here more. Expect possibility, for example, a shorter reaction time the operating system or different applications. These modules are available with us with up to 1GB of memory.


This standard is currently the most used. Although DDR4 SDRAM is already available, you can still make full use of all current applications with DDR3 RAM. However, you should be sure to use a 64-bit operating system, so you can use more than 3 GB of memory. This memory type is also used in many of our complete systems, so order with the same memory, if you want more power immediately.
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