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After about 9 years also follows the...
After about 9 years also follows the notebook, the change from standard DDR3, DDR4 towards the new version that brings some novelties, but also naturally raises the level of performance. We provide accordingly reconditioned and used DDR4 SODIMM modules, which you continue to receive a convenient way to provide your system quickly with new power reserves. Since all components are tested extensively with us, you will get new quality, a low price.

innovations of DDR4 SODIMM

Among the most important changes in the DDR4 technology counts the clock, because it is responsible for the performance boost. To see the specifications previously DDR4 SODIMM modules with effective clock rates up to 3200 MHz (DDR4-3200) ago. Before buying you should in this respect but also the specification of your notebook to the data sheets as may only lower clock rates are supported, such as. DDR4-2133 bars.

Instead of the 204 contacts, DDR4 SODIMM RAM modules have 260 contacts, so that backward compatibility can be made. So if you want to change to the new storage technology, the purchase of a completely new notebooks is this necessary, as was the case even when moving from DDR2 to DDR3.

Furthermore will the chip stacking technology use in the new memory bars. Can thus be brought together up to eight memory layers, whereby e.g. the signal quality improves. Likewise, of course, the maximum total capacity is positively influenced. In addition, also holds an improved error detection and correction move to the new RAM, which in particular improves reliability.

Why cars DDR4 Notebook memory?

We provide only high-quality memory modules, all of which allow for the full function. The benefit to you is quite clear in the price, so you can for the same quality, pay less and so easy to upgrade. Since the installation of RAM modules is usually very simple, you can complete within a few minutes the whole process often. Next benefit from increased system performance, which is reflected in the response of the operating system and the response times of your software.

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