NVIDIA Corporation was founded in...
NVIDIA Corporation was founded in 1993, among other things from today's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. Since its inception, the company is a pioneer in the field of computer graphics (eng. Visual Computing). The development of graphics processors started with the invention in 1999 and led to the present day to the current model with Kepler architecture. The over 8,800 employees worldwide are the ones making innovations and new techniques of which were already registered more than 7,000 patent. This also makes the manufacturer is a global leader in the fields of professional visualization, high-performance computing with GPUs and gaming. In addition to processors, software and tools, NVIDIA also their own expertise with other manufacturers and supplies with components, licenses or complete systems.

Current product lines


The models in this series are particularly aimed at gamers, but also home users may well reap the benefits for themselves. Edit photos faster, or watch a film in brilliant quality and stunning 3D format. If you want to make any compromises with the GTX series comes fully at its expense. High-definition video and - photos, as well as occasional games in yet current and high-resolution optics can also be accessed in the GTS and GT-series. These names can also be found in the notebook graphics cards, which are also characterized by an M to model number. In our offer you will find a wide selection of refurbished graphics cards. These were examined fully by us to function and can significantly increase the performance of their system. Moreover, for some older systems you will also find graphics cards with AGP or PCI interface to achieve the best possible result here.

Quadro / Tesla

Based on the current Kepler architecture, the Quadro and Tesla GPUs series mainly for servers and professional workstations are designed. The products of the Quadro series find their place also in mobile, as well as All-in-One Workstations and are partly compatible with the Mac from Apple. They hold up to 12 GB of GDDR5 memory and provide a faster workflow for applications such as Adobe CS6, Autodesk Inventor and other, whereby a large number of sectors will be addressed. The Tesla models are especially designed for scientific calculations and reach here a much higher and more efficient computing performance. Supported video cards of Tesla series in Windows and Linux servers.


For a realistic and fast graphics performance on mobile devices the Tegra graphics processor has been developed. The current version K1 also based on the Kepler architecture, thus bringing some technologies, such as. DirectX 11, from computers to mobile devices. With Windows 8 and Android support you benefit from a rapid overall performance, no matter what applications are being used. Even multitasking, ie running multiple applications at the same time, is not a problem.

Other Products

In addition to graphics processors NVIDIA is also working on various other technologies, but which are closely linked to this area. So, for example, include CUDA (a platform for parallel computing), the physics engine PhysX and 3D Vision for the area of ??activity, to further improve the user experience and to provide new features.
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