The company Microsemi offers a comprehensive semiconductor range and system solutions for Data communication, data centers and other industrial sectors. All products close Highest performance, including e.g. To FPGAs, SoCs or ASICs.
The manufacturer also manufactures chips for the energy management or synchronization of Various devices. Of course, the network and communications sector is also more modern IT to the fields of activity. We offer you among other things high-quality used Power-Over- Ethernet adapter from Microsemi. The company's headquarters are located in Aliso Viejo, California, with around 4,800 employees worldwide. In Germany there are Several branches in Dortmund, Duisburg, Hannover and Munich.

Product Portfolio

Audio and Language

Microsemi 's many areas of activity include the production of chips for the Speech communication and audio devices. These mainly come from other manufacturers Which are used, for example, in VoIP telephones. For a particularly high quality at the The ICs can be used for the suppression of auxiliary noises.

FPGA and SoC

The range of SoCs and FPGAs offered by Microsemi especially for Various industrial sectors. The latter include, for example, the military and the Automotive industry. However, the products can also convince in other areas, since you Exactly the right model for your application. To the conception as possible Easy to make, Microsemi provides matching development boards and kits.

In addition to the basic features, the FPGAs can still be used by numerous others Techniques. Many models offer e.g. Up to 150,000 logical elements Non-volatile memory and instant-on operating modes. For special requirements and environments Microsemi also manufactures radiation-tolerant FPGAs. From the medical sector to the Space research will thus meet all requirements.

Power Management

The high-performance analog / mixing signal ICs from Microsemi offer the highest precision and one Enormously fast regulation with enormous efficiency. In addition, the manufacturer shall always ensure that: The electromagnetic interference remains as low as possible. In addition to LED drivers, chargers, Power supplies, as well as motor and fan controls, the company is therefore in the PoE market employed. In the next used PoE switch you buy from us, so could also technology From Microsemi to be found.

Optical Data Transfer

However, it is not just the power supply in the network that is part of Microsemi's business segments. The company also develops processors for fiber optic networks that provide optical data Transport signals. These are becoming more and more important, since in times of Big Data the Required bandwidth. Microsemi therefore relies on high-performance processors, which in addition Consume less energy and thus ensure a particularly high efficiency in the data center and Other data applications. Thus, innovation and reliability are perfectly combined, For example, the simultaneous transmission of HD-TV and voice-over-IP services.

Storage solutions

Just as important as the transfer, however, is the storage of the data. Therefore, Microsemi is also available in this area as a reliable partner and provides ICS for NVMe Controllers, PCIe storage switches, as well as SAS, SATA and RAID controllers. SAS Expander as well as Fiber Channel controllers also belong to the product range.

For the immediate upgrade of your servers and workstations, you can also use the expansion cards From Microsemi. These provide additional SATA or SAS interfaces that allow the Set up RAID connections or let you benefit from modern NVRAM drives. Of course, you will also get the right cables and other accessories, which will help you get the most out of your business Hardware from a single source.
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