As a manufacturer has MSI (Micro-Star...
As a manufacturer has MSI (Micro-Star International) mainly due to the production of quality PC Components specialized. After its foundation in 1986, the focus was on Motherboards and add-on cards, enabling users to adapt their computer. Meanwhile, MSI has however also a leading brand in the gaming sector developed. The company raises the bar in terms of design and innovation repeatedly higher, in order to always offer the best products. In addition to motherboards, graphics cards and other accessories, MSI but also produces notebooks and complete desktop PCs. In Germany is the branch in Frankfurt am Main for more than 25 years for the Supervision of dealers and retail customers in charge.

Product Portfolio


Among the notebooks from MSI are found mainly gaming machines, the performance by Hardware and a sophisticated design virtually replace any desktop PC. The graphics card is the manufacturer mainly on the GeForce models from NVIDIA, which is why you eg. the particularly performance GeForce GTX 1080 SLI can choose. When processor different Intel Shows possible, allowing you to provide power sufficient to even newer games to experience maximum details. The screen size is up to 46 cm (18 inches) and is thus also for longer sessions on the notebook.


In this series, MSI marketed primarily gaming systems for the desktop area. You receive thus not just a PC for the desk, because the modern and eccentric Design is featured in each case an eye-catcher. In addition, MSI packs the latest hardware in these systems, so you including a current processor including graphics cards composite maintain and even benefit from RAID functions. Those who like several screens on your computer uses, will be able to connect in particular from the possibility of up to six monitors excited be.

Mobile Workstations

Going a step further goes MSI but with mobile workstations, the less is Gamers, but more directed to professional users. In a 15.6 or 17.3 inch notebook, packaged by the manufacturer optional Intel Core or Intel Xeon CPUs with just the latter for special requirements are suitable. Also find here any GeForce graphics cards more, since MSI uses the full power of NVIDIA Quadro graphics. Additional tools, such as illuminated keyboards belong here practically standard.


By far the most extensive range of course find among the motherboards for desktop PCs. Since MSI manufactures a wide variety of models, virtually no application goes unnoticed. Need eg. A basis for a new gaming computer, you will also satisfied as users who want to put together a HTPC. The support of various Intel and AMD CPUs is only a first feature. You can also new Motherboard based interfaces, expansion possibilities and of course the form factor . Select

graphics cards

Almost as diverse as the mainboard, the selection at the video card. There can be found in Basically all current models from NVIDIA and AMD, but this of course also for other purposes receive alerts graphics card. If you only want one screen to your PC system Connect, the extension can already be worth a MSI card from the original series. In addition, of course, be based on the existing requirements to choose how the maximum PSU power, cooling or the required interfaces.

Other Products

In addition, MSI is also as a manufacturer for other IT systems, such as desktop PCs and all-in Computer. The alignment is in many places to see in the gaming sector, however, be well satisfied users who simply want a reliable system for everyday life need. In addition, MSI produces other accessories, such as headsets, mouse pads Input devices.
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