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Since 1992, LaCie has been working on modern products in the field of storage solutions, and in addition to its performance, it also has an appealing look. The main focus is on photographers, film enthusiasts and audio experts, as well as other power users. The main goal of the company is thus to provide the creative users with first-class opportunities to store their content. LaCie is now a component of Seagate Technology and represents the premium brand of the manufacturer. Overall, the products convince with the best technology, a high quality and of course the excellent performance. This is why you will also find LaCie storage solutions that are used at an ideal price/performance ratio.

Product Portfolio


In this series, LaCie distributes its external hard drives, which are equipped with a particularly shock-proof housing are. The manufacturer is impressively impressed by the fact that up to 4 TB of storage capacity, integrated RAID functions and various connections such as USB 3.0, Thunderbolt and USB-C are possible.


Under this abbreviation, LaCie's desktop hard drives can be found. The stylish boxes offer up to 10 TB of storage space and can be easily placed at the desk. Depending on the model the connection to PC is via USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2 or also USB 3.1, eSATA and FireWire. So choose the right model for your application.


Whoever places particularly high demands on its desktop memory will find in the Big series. This product range includes devices with up to 120 TB, through the use of multiple hard disks, and with the help of RAID functions ensures increased data security or performance in everyday life. Besides current Thunderbolt 3 connections, USB 3.1, FireWire and other interfaces are available.


The 1U storage solution for the rack was designed with the direct focus on 4K video processing. Accordingly, eight drive bays are included, which ensure the highest possible memory density. In addition, the system has of course hardware RAID and two fast Thunderbolt 2 connections with a speed of up to 1,330 MB/s to the memory extension.

Porsche Design

Are you looking for a desktop or a mobile hard drive, which not only has the necessary capacity and the appropriate connection, but instead also optically for eye-catchers, you are also right at LaCie. The Porsche Design hard disks have an elegant appearance and are nevertheless available with up to 8 TB storage capacity. Also with regard to the used interface, you can choose freely and decide on the available hardware.


The range of possible storage solutions is particularly large today, which is why LaCie in the Special series highlights products that convince in more specific environments. This includes on the one hand the LaCie Bolt with professional SSD memory and Thunderbolt 3 connection. On the other hand, models are available, which are especially suitable for Apple end devices, but at the same time have a high robustness.


In addition to hardware, LaCie also offers the right software products. Beginning with backup solutions for home users and companies, the manufacturer also develops its own operating system for NAS drives. In addition, various applications are available for the protection of your data, which, for example, can be encrypted and prevent unauthorized access.
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