The Kingston Technology Corporation is not made without reason in general as the first with storage solutions in conjunction, as in his own words, the company is the world's largest manufacturer of memory modules and cards. The foundation in 1987, was made by John Tu and David Sun. The headquarters is located in Fountain Valley, California. The approximately 4,000 employees spread across the globe, taking also in Germany (Munich) since 1995, there is a branch. The products span the entire memory space, so RAM, SSD, USB drives and more.

Product Overview

main memory

When RAM Kingston differs in three categories. The first is the System Specific memory. This is mainly used by OEMs for notebooks, computers and servers. Also for subsequent upgrades they are suitable as compatibility is guaranteed to certain models. In the second category we find the so-called ValueRam. This can be used also for retrofitting, because it follows the JEDEC specifications, ie has a high compatibility and also includes a lifetime warranty. If a module is defective, you can complain about Kingston it so easy. Last, let the HyperX category called. Here especially fast memory modules are included, which are used for overclocking and thus are particularly interesting for gamers. With us you get the way used memory from all categories and various DDR versions.

SSD drives

An SSD you want the latest when they have been used once, no more to give away. Therefore, Kingston offers these for private and business customers. Depending on the application various types can have their advantages. In most cases, relying on traditional 2.5-inch models with SATA connector. For some laptops or desktop PCs but also a model with mSATA or m.2 connection could be the right choice.

USB Sticks

When the USB stick Kingston offers a wide selection of standard models with different storage capacities. Where it depends on a special level of security, also reaching for self-encrypting USB stick can be worthwhile. However, it should be possible to find the right model for each user.