Juniper Networks delivers innovative...
Juniper Networks delivers innovative networking solutions, was established in Sunnyvale, California in the year 1996th The CTO Pradeep Sindhu founder and current previously worked for 11 years in the Computer Science Lab of Xerox PARC.

His goal was to produce high-performance router for then and now fast-growing world of the internet and to develop. Right from the beginning it was for Juniper Networks is of great importance even fundamentally solve complicated problems and thus out of the way. Today Juniper Networks applies with more than 9600 employees and about $ 4 billion in sales as the second largest network equipment and provides next hardware products such as routers, switches and gateways and software products here.

Current product lines


The system developed by Juniper Networks network operating system based on FreeBSD and is now used on the routers and switches of the manufacturer. It is considered very reliable and has been specially adapted to the demands of today's network infrastructure. In addition, particular attention was paid to network security and the rapid deployment of new services, allowing you to reduce their spending on network operation by up to 41% in the ideal case, according to the manufacturer. In addition, a Junos SDK is provided which makes it possible even customers and partners to develop applications that work seamlessly with the JunOS and utilize the benefits.


The router of ACX, SRX and CTP series are equipped for professional use in companies. Depending on the requirements and selected equipment to support you from working mobile connectivity via 3G / 4G / LTE or with PoE ++ (up to 90W power through a port) equipped. The scaling and adapting to new requirements of the functions is as easy as possible, so that you always get the most for your business. In addition to the routers for small, medium and large enterprises, Juniper Networks also Internet backbone and router that provide numerous services and work with several thousand users.


For companies of all sizes and series switches QFX be produced. This support Layer 2 and 3 functions and thus offer standards-based bridging and routing. Since here the JunOS is used, you get a uniform user interface for administration and an equally reliable system. With the WL Series You will also receive a comprehensive system to manage and control their wireless LAN. You get wireless access points, controllers and management suite from a single source and can choose size and topology free. Whether you're planning a optimizing your network or a complete new acquisition. Juniper Networks offers in the area of ??switches the optimal solutions for your network.
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