Jacob Jensen

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The company Jacob Jensen Design is known for its high creativity and offers its services in various areas of industry. From graphic or product design, to the public sector and workshops, there are always three points in focus. These are purity, perfection and durability. In addition to its headquarters in Denmark, the company also has locations in China and Thailand. The group is managed by Timothy Jacob Jensen, the son of the founder Jacob Jensen. In our assortment you will find various products that the company has designed and sells under its own name.

Product portfolio


In this area you will find everyday products. These include appealingly designed telephones as well as a wireless doorbell, which gives you a first-class appearance right on your doorstep. Jacob Jensen also has a smoke detector on offer, which optically reacts to any kind of visible smoke. However, the company stands out with the weather station, which now exists in the second version. This is a complete product range because you can assemble your weather station individually from different modules. In addition to table and wall mountings, the range also includes various measuring instruments, including a barometer and a hygrometer.


Jacob Jensen Design also has an interesting product for car drivers: the electronic parking disc. The small disc is simply attached to the front windscreen and automatically detects when the car has been parked. The display is easy to read and easy to read. LEDs also tell the user when parking has been detected and whether the batteries still have sufficient capacity.


Jacob Jensen Design has the solution for those who find the usual kitchen appliances of the well-known manufacturers too boring or too much like standard products. The company offers various appliances, including a toaster, a coffee machine, a kettle and a kitchen scale, which are not only convincing in their function, but also with their first-class appearance. That the use is not disregarded, is recognizable e.g. by the balance, which has additionally a timer function and replaces thereby the well-known egg clock.


A clock is usually rather inconspicuous, but it can still convey a noble appearance, as Jacob Jensen proves. However, the company does not only produce simple wall clocks that look good in the office, living room or other rooms. Alarm clocks for home and travel are also part of the range. With the World Clock and World Timer products you also have an easy way to keep track of the time from different time zones. All watches inspire with a simple but contemporary design.


Jacob Jensen Design offers the air quality monitor for all those who want to ensure the best possible climate in their home or at work. The small device is simply set up and displays the quality of the air you breathe every day. With its user-friendly design and unobtrusive exterior, it complements virtually any environment perfectly. In addition to being a factor in air quality, it displays temperature and humidity so you can get a quick overview at all times.
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