The name Intel is made up of the English Integrated Electronics and translates integrated electronics. The company was founded in 1968 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

The company's European headquarters are located in Munich. The two employees of Fairchild Semiconductor, Gordon E. Moore and Robert Noyce, decided then to leave Fairchild Semiconductor and to start their own company. In July 1968, finally saw the foundation. Later, Andy Grove pushed added. Initially, Intel specializes on manufacture PC-memory based on semiconductor technology and marketing. To produce this semiconductor, the company developed the so-called MOS process.

On November 15, 1971 published the first Intel microprocessor. The Intel 4004. 1974 the Intel 8080 was introduced. This is the first full-fledged Mikroprozesor. In the market for microprocessors, the company was finally able to establish strong and came from now on as a leader in this field. Largest competitor on the market in the field of processors is AMD. It is worth mentioning also that the Intel GmbH is the world leader in graphics chips. Virtually all office computers and notebooks use an Intel platform with integrated graphics.

Today the company employs just over 100,000 employees and a turnover of about 50 billion US dollars a year. Known modern processor series made by the company are the dual-core series, the Intel Core 2 series or the i-series. At CES in January 2014 finally be presented as the latest invention before the platform "Edison". Here is a complete PC system in the size of an SD card. This was developed for the so-called Internet of Things. This means objects and instruments of daily use can be provided with a computer. The aim is Edison have a dual-core processor and even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. At CES, for example, a coffee cup with the built-in card has been presented, received text messages and could play via LEDs.

The Intel GmbH has furthermore still some subsidiaries. Gamers will be a household name, the Irish company Havok. This company is known for its Physic engine which is used in many computer games, and was acquired by Intel of 2007. Besides still count the software company Wind River and the antivirus software manufacturer McAfee to its subsidiaries.
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