At Infineon Technologies AG is a company that was formed in 1999 through the spin-off of the semiconductor business of Siemens AG. The company's headquarters is located in Neubiberg (near Munich), but approximately 26,700 people are employed worldwide. The main focus of the company is on the production of semiconductor and system solutions, with the emphasis on energy efficiency, mobility and security. We provide mainly used memory, as well as new DDR memory modules for upgrading or refurbishing your PC system. In 2006, the memory division was spun off into the subsidiary Qimonda, which filed for bankruptcy in 2009. However, the memory components are high-quality and compatible with the majority of the computer systems used.

Product Overview


Infineon can show the full quality and reliability even at the DDR-1 modules. This memory is used primarily in older systems to use, but can there still provide a performance boost. Since these computer systems are often operated with 32-bit operating systems, but you should make sure that a total of only about 3GB can be used.


The further development of DDR technology is also known commonly found even in computer systems. Here is an upgrade is recommended almost always because the performance increase is quite noticeable. If you say, for example, currently use 1GB of memory, you should definitely consider an upgrade to 2GB or 4GB, eg used by Infineon memory.


The DDR3 memory technology is currently the most commonly used technique. It occurs both in the notebook, as well as in traditional desktop PC and server to use. For all current operating systems it is generally recommended a 4 GB of memory. The upgrade is very simple in most cases and only takes about 10 minutes. In addition, you get high quality refurbished here Infineon memory at an exceptionally low price.
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