As a German manufacturer of computer...
As a German manufacturer of computer hardware, IGEL GmbH was founded in 1989 with headquarters in Bremen. It started the company with the sales of the first multi video graphic card for Linux systems from its own development.

In 1997, the first Linux-based thin client has been placed on the market. Today IGEL, now known as IGEL Technology GmbH belongs to the largest manufacturers in the world in this area, and employs approximately 170 employees. With industry-specific solutions for numerous sectors, such as banks and schools, IGEL offers innovative concepts and a wide range of products, so that everyone can benefit from the quality and reliable systems.

Current product lines


The IGEL Zero Clients are optimized by special firmware for an environment and therefore the right choice if you want to gain access to a Citrix HDX, Microsoft Remote Desktop or RemoteFX or VMware Horizon system. The clients provide it at an affordable price all the necessary functions, such as. The direct boat in a remote session. Through the Zero Touch Deployment you will also receive a comprehensive management system. This enables you to configure based on defined rules and reduces their costs in the administration significantly. The support at IGEL is completely free and the devices receive a 3 year hardware warranty. Thanks also a free firmware update you also get access to new features and remain so for the future.

UD Series

If thin clients are to be used in a multiprotocol environment, the models of UD series (IGEL Universal Desktop) is the first choice. These devices are based on Linux or Windows environments and can be accessed in various remote, use cloud and web services and can be integrated into other application scenarios. By upgrading, it is also possible to switch from the IZFirmware for UD firmware. The UD9 models and UD10 also come with a built-in monitor (optional also with touchscreen) and provide a FullHD resolution. In this series, the management suite is included and IGEL are, depending on the model, 3 or 5 year warranty. (Are no longer sold and produced) When the device enter into the End of Life status, the software used is maintained for a further 3 years in order to close security holes or unlock new features.

The IGEL thin clients are reliable and robust systems which offer clear added value for your business. If you also want to benefit from these numerous benefits, you can choose from a wide selection of refurbished thin clients the right model for you at a reasonable price with us. The units are all fully tested and worked. Thanks to a long service life (an average of about 7 years service life) and significantly lower power consumption than the normal desktop computers, these devices are amortized very quickly.
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