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The SK Hynix Corporation is an established manufacturer during February 1983 for semiconductors and memory elements in the IT sector. The company was founded at the beginning as Hyundai Electronics Industries, which later merged with LG Semiconductor Corporation and separated in 2001 then completely from this.

By selling its LCD division also renaming took place in Hynix Semiconductor Inc.. The present name the company since 2011, after the SK Telecom was the largest shareholder. Currently, the company produces a variety of memory chips for computers and CMOS image sensors, for example, are used in digital cameras and camcorders. By international standards, the company occupies a place among the top 10 and is thus, for example, before the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia.

Current Products


The new version of DDR standards is established since 2012, but probably only in 2014 or 2015 the market and fully utilized by all manufacturers. Hynix is ??building its range ever further and has already published data on server memory. These are indicated with a storage capacity from 4 to 32 GB per module. In addition, memory chips are already known with a capacity of 4GB, manufacturers can integrate into their systems directly, so do not be distributed as a module. The memory modules for computers and notebooks, however, is not yet known.


For current desktop computers and servers, these memory modules are the most common choice. The standard modules for PC's with up to 8GB storage capacity are available. Likewise, these modules are also available in the version SODIMM for notebook computers. The memory modules for servers up to 32 GB per module and support functions such as ECC (Error Checking and Correcting). All modules can be operated with 1.35V (low power) or 1.5V (Normal Power).


The older DDR2 SDRAM memory modules are still being produced in Hynix in capacities of 256MB to 1GB per module. These modules are still used in many computers and notebooks, are due to the ever decreasing number of units produced, but more expensive. Therefore, in our assortment you will find a variety of refurbished memory. These memory modules is used modules have been fully tested by us and enable you for an upgrade of their system.

Other Products

In addition to the business in the memory sector develops and produces Hynix GDDR5 SDRAM also for graphics card manufacturers. An increasingly growing business area are also NAND Flash modules, which are installed for example in SSD hard drives. Since the access times in this type of memory are much better than normal hard drives, the request is constantly increasing and many manufacturers of hard drives have already started with the production of SSD hard drives or developing so-called hybrid hard drives utilize both magnetic disks, and flash memory.
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