Founded in 1910 and now based in...
Founded in 1910 and now based in Japan, the company grew quickly from simple workshop for electrical engineering for production facilities.

Today, the company ranks among the 100 largest in the world and is active in various fields, such as Railway vehicle and rail systems, nuclear engineering and plant construction. After our own production and development of 2.5-inch notebook hard drives, the entire hard disk drive business of IBM was acquired. Meanwhile, Hitachi has sold but the range of Western Digital.

projectors CP-series

Hitachi offers the right professional projector for every application. If you want to bridge short distances, the projector often need to take, or simply want a universally applicable device, the best quality you are offered here.


Under the Storage product line, Hitachi continues to offer storage solutions for large networks and can look back on here already 50 years of experience. Due to the size this series | aimed at data centers and large industrial companies.


The Ultrastar series is aimed at business customers who need reliable hard drives. The HDD's in this series have been proven in a 24x7 operation. In addition, the first available 6TB hard drive from this series. Optionally, there are the hard disks of this series in 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch. There is also a choice of SATA or SAS connection fast.

Travel Star

For mobile devices especially the hard drives of the Travelstar series are. By special shock and vibration detection data are optimally protected. They are equipped with up to 1TB storage capacity and also available with a height of 7 mm, so that they find their place in Ultrabooks.

Cinema Star

When looking for the perfect product for multimedia devices, such as looking for a HD recorder, you are well advised with this series. Even with prolonged use for example. Video streaming your recorder is still quiet and you will hear no annoying whirring, from the device, because the HDD, for example, is too warm.
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