HP, also known as Hewlett-Packard is...
HP, also known as Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest and most actively traded companies in the IT industry in the world and was founded in 1939 by David Packard and William Hewlett. The company is also known as the first technology companies in the Silicon Valley, as in a local now famous garage an audio frequency generator has been developed, which then was used by Walt Disney Studios in Cartoons Fantasia.

Thus, Walt Disney also scored one of the first customers of Hewlett-Packard. The audio frequency generator developed there bore the name hp200a. This was chosen only for the reason, so that could have suggested, the company is an established company and would be for some time been in the industry. This was followed by a long and extensive history with many interesting inventions and introductions. Thus was brought to market with the HP-35, the first scientific calculator. In 1964, HP released the first portable atomic clock on cesium-based. Finally, in 1980, took place the building of the first personal computer and thus the entry into the PC industry. In addition to building this PC systems HP gained a foothold in the field of printers, especially in the field of desktop printers. The local Deskjet series is still one of the best known of the company. 1986 HP.com has been registered. This was the first two-letter domain of history. When it comes to environmental protection HP is in a leading role and took the 2nd place in 2012, which was awarded by Greenpeace.

Today's product range from HP includes not only desktop computers, notebooks and servers, and network components (switches and various accessories), printers and copiers, tablets, calculators, plotters and a wide range of computer accessories such as speakers, input devices, and others. The company's headquarters is located today in Palo Alto, California. In Germany the company is based in Boeblingen.

Current product lines:


Show product series include HP Proliant servers and all the selection is so large that a suitable model exists for every application. These include, among others, simple tower or rack servers, blade systems for very large applications, and scalable systems for the use of virtualization. Even a complete management software for IT infrastructure is part of the range of HP. Since the systems are designed for long life and continuous operation is also a refurbished servers from our range is a great way to own IT landscape to expand. It is not easy is a used server, but a restoration of our certified staff and fully tested system that can still be operated for several years without any problems.

ProBook, EliteBook, ZBOOK

The ProBook-, EliteBook- and ZBOOK -series are the most popular when it comes to laptops. They are aimed particularly at business customers and include notebooks (ProBook) Ultrabooks (EliteBook) and mobile workstations (ZBOOK). Thanks to the robust and high-quality equipment and used laptops are still in a very good condition. The newer convertible notebooks run at HP under the simple name Pro, the devices can be used as a tablet and a normal notebook. The simple contrast tablets are named Slate or Omni.

ProDesk and EliteDesk

A workstation is named ProDesk or EliteDesk at HP. These are specially designed for applications requiring a lot of power. A common use are e.g. CAD applications or professional video editing. The Z models are among the workstations and are also available as All-In-One. The workstations include Intel processors and support up to 16 processor cores.

Laserjet Pro / Enterprise

In this product range the printer for companies or large enterprises are run. Of course, here is something for every application. Whether it's all about black and white copies, or detailed print-outs. The monthly duty cycle ranges depending on the model 250-10000 pages in A4. In addition to printing jobs of course also includes scanners that can be shared by several people, to the basic functions. In addition to these particular interesting for business customers series, the Compaq is a part of HP. Under the name of Compaq devices for home users are exclusively marketed, these are both to desktop computers and notebooks to.
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