The initial establishment of the...
The initial establishment of the company was in 1935, the present name Fujitsu bears it but only since 1967. Equipment named Fujitsu Siemens Computers arrived in 1999 on the market, the cooperation with Siemens and the common name FSC exist today but not because Fujitsu has acquired the share of Siemens in the Joint Undertaking.

Today all devices carry only the name of Fujitsu, however, you still stand for Made in Germany since they mounted in Augsburg and are also fully developed in part. The company relies on fair conditions, in the assembly and production of the systems, to its employees. To this end, it has already won several awards and honorable mention, as this is unfortunately not self-evident. Generally, Fujitsu has been active in the area of ??servers, storage solutions, desktop computers, monitors and laptops.

Current product lines:


The name stands for all Esprimo desktop computers, which are characterized in particular by the patented 0-Watt technology. This causes the computer is switched off consume no power. The intended use of a computer can, through the relevant letters in the model name, notice. Here, E, P and Q are primarily for desktop computers, where Q is particularly quiet units. For the All-In-One variants X faces the model number. Celsius These devices are designed for professional use in business and for continuous operation. The H in the model name stands for a mobile workstation, for users that also eg are dependent on a lot of power during business trips. The desktop versions are indicated by the R, while these systems are characterized mainly by a simple option to upgrade and quiet operation. The workstations have eg. In the front access to hard disks to swap or add more, without having to open the device consuming. As a workstation will always meet the latest requirements, also used workstations are in high demand and can safely be used for several years.


The Standard Server Solutions at Fujitsu hear the name Primergy and are aimed at businesses of all sizes. Both server in tower, rack or blade variant, as well as fully scalable systems are in the range of the manufacturer. In addition, these are characterized by a high energy efficiency and meet the stringent Energy Star and CSCI standards. All servers can be also easily customize according to your requirements, whether it comes to the number of processors, disk size or additional options, such as tape drives and more, goes. In addition to these servers, there are SPARC Enterprise server and the PRIMEQUEST product line in the high availability is important, because here you can configure nearly all components redundant, so that the simultaneous failure of several items, the system continues to function and be maintained at a scheduled time can.


If you want to back up large amounts of data is the ETERNUS series is right for you. This is the tape storage systems are available from 20TB to 120TB storage capacity and among the most reliable ever. Of course, individual tape drives for desktop computers are sold.
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