Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a manufacturer of innovative and leading products in the field of network solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Since its founding in 1996, therefore, are powerful devices, such as switches and access points, produced by Extreme Networks, where the focus is not on pure hardware. Similarly, the manufacturer is working on analysis and control software for various applications Wecke and company sizes. The headquarters of Extreme Networks is located in San Jose, California, where approximately 1,300 people are employed worldwide. We provide mainly network hardware, such as switches used or refurbished WLAN Access Points Extreme Networks that allow you a high-performance infrastructure.


Extreme Wireless

A large division of Extreme Networks are the professional wireless solutions. These include not only simple WLAN access points, but also wireless controller for centralized management of the base station. Especially in demanding environments that require a high density and performance, you can rely on solutions from Extreme Networks.

Extreme Switching

Even bigger falls from the offer the products all around switches. Since these often represent the core of any network infrastructure, to obtain correspondingly wide range of solutions for different applications. From modular, stackable on, to stand alone models everything is almost possible. Different accessories are of course also available to integrate eg. PoE in your own network. The ExtremeXOS the systems also have a customized operating system that allows the highest performance and security.

Extreme Control

Under this series Extreme Networks summarizes his management tools together. These allow the perfect management by allowing you to set policies for individual nodes of the network, as well as individual devices. All this happens, of course, from one point, the software will also provides several ways to automate, merge and virtualization. To meet all requirements fully reflects, the changes are in real time.

Extreme Cloud

The increasingly popular cloud trend also follows Extreme Networks. Here you get a scalable and reliable network management solution that is based entirely on a cloud environment. This was developed and optimized especially for data centers that rely on high availability and simple extensions of your environments.

Extreme Analytics

In this product family is everything related to the analysis of your corporate network. Take this for increased efficiency, better user experience and optimized application performance. Of course, the protection against unauthorized access and other network attacks has not been ignored and can be worked up good analytic well.

Extreme Security

For the last, but no less important field of activity of Extreme Networks naturally includes the security. Here, the manufacturer provides an integrated family of products that are intended for mission-critical networks, in order to obtain a unique combination of control and prevention. serves Besides safety analysis as this Intrusion Prevention System.

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