Based in Round Rock, Texas Dell today...
Based in Round Rock, Texas Dell today one of the largest manufacturers of computer systems and employs around 110,000 people. Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, the company began a year later, ie in 1985 with the development of the first computer. In a rapid pace, the company grew and so it was only logical that the IPO does not take long to read. In 1988 it was done and it was 3.5 million shares sold. A very big growth spurt, the company experienced finally in 1996, when the first products from Dell could be the first time bought from the Internet via web order.

Dell itself produces little to no its products, but assembled from existing product ranges in their systems to these then sell. Thus, the Dell products are usually made of different components from different manufacturers. This offers the advantage that here the desired product can be put together individually so that it is fully consistent with the wishes of the customers for customers. The company sells all kinds of standard in the PC industry products. To belong to the range of hard drives, computer systems, storage, servers, and notebooks. The Streak series was introduced at Dell in 2010 and since then, the company also sells tablets. Headquarters of Dell GmbH in Germany is Frankfurt am Main

Current product lines:.


Under the name of Precision to find all workstations for complex application areas and are suitable for all, put high demands on graphics performance and processing power. In addition to the tower models, Dell also offers a rack version of its workstation. You also have the choice between Windows 8 and Windows 7, if it does not want to switch to a new operating system from Dell.

XPS / Latitude

Dell-branded ultrabooks are available up to 14 inches and are marketed under the name XPS or Latitude. Latitude is also used for the standard notebook. They are characterized by an elegant and functional design. In addition, there is the XPS as a 2-in -1 device with a rotating hinge, so you can use it as an ultrabook or a tablet.


the Inspiron products are intended for all who want an all-rounder. Office work, multimedia applications or other everyday work can be easy with these devices and do without long waits. In addition to normal notebooks, ultrabooks this series are also available and there is a choice between aluminum or standard design. So it's for everyone's taste.


Here the power is not only in name. The Dell-branded server are characterized by exceptional durability and reliability in everyday use. In addition to entry-level servers for small businesses, as well as all possible variants such as rack or blade server in

In addition to these series are available. Moreover, there is the Alienware product line. This includes laptops which are designed for very detailed computer games. In addition, the devices can be externally configured individually, so you in any case draws attention to itself with these devices. The hardware can be adjusted as desired, for example, are a second hard drive, a more powerful graphics card, or even the use of SSDs no problem.
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