D-Link was founded in 1986 under the...
D-Link was founded in 1986 under the name of Datex Systems. The renaming, however, followed six years later. Since then, small manufacturers have developed into a global and leading company for professional network solutions. The guiding principle is "Connect to More", which is primarily intended to express the focus on innovative products. The range of products includes network devices for businesses as well as for private individuals and the digital home. D-Link (Deutschland) GmbH is responsible for technical support, consulting and all other inquiries. We offer you among other things used switches from D-Link, as well as other solutions for a reliable and trouble-free network.

Product Portfolio


In the area of ??switches, D-Link has a lot to offer, as the offer Both traditional unmanaged switches, as well as smart, managed and chassis models. The large selection of different port numbers, additional functions and expansion possibilities make them suitable not only for small and medium-sized companies, but also as a basis for a high-quality network solution in large corporations. Therefore, rely on secure and reliable network connectivity within the company and in your own home. With us you profit, thanks to the tested and used switches from D-Link, for the small price of the entire range of services.


Bundle your workforce with professional WLANs based on D-Link hardware. The individual devices offer everything you need for a productive environment, but also reduce the total operating costs. Which application scenario also exists, D-Link provides the appropriate answer. The main focus is on scalability, whereby the manufacturer places great emphasis on simple setup and administration. However, the unified wireless solutions achieve an equally high degree of stability, since APLoad balancing is possible if required. VPN security routers and management platforms naturally belong equally to the product range.

Network Storage

If you are looking for a reliable storage solution that grows with your business and adapts to your needs, you should look at the D-Link products Especially closely. Thanks to free scaling and seamless integration into existing environments, you can easily counter the growing need for disk space. For example, these NAS devices and unified storage systems are suitable for video surveillance, archiving or other data-intensive applications. Corresponding possibilities for failure safety and remote access are, of course, included.

Video Surveillance

If you want more security in your company, you can also rely on the complete video surveillance solutions from D-Link. Due to the experience of more than 30 years, the manufacturer can fully inspire with its holistic solutions. On request, you can get everything from one source, as the cameras and software can be combined with the switches, wireless network devices and storage solutions. Support for inquiries is available around the clock, and the optional on-site service helps with more difficult problems.

Other areas of activity

However, the above product ranges are only an excerpt as D-Link develops many other systems. These include, on the one hand, switches and routers for the private sector, but also the SmartHome has already been discovered by the manufacturer. Therefore, you should simply convince yourself of various possibilities for home automation and safety. In addition, D-Link manufactures hardware for various service providers. These use the routers, surf sticks and hotspot devices mainly for their own customers. However, D-Link is also the manufacturer of switches for particularly large network infrastructures, which is why different products are also used there.
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