Crucial is a global brand of Micron Technology, one of the largest manufacturers of RAM modules and flash memory. Under the name of Crucial memory modules, SSDs and other storage solutions are sold. To provide the best possible compatibility, the staff of Crucial are in constant contact to PC manufacturers. Whether e.g. a memory module is suitable for your notebook, you can easily find out on the website of the Crucial Memory Advisor about. In addition, much emphasis is placed on quality and reliability, so all products are tested and in some cases up to one hundred hours before they finally get into sales. We offer primarily used memory modules and refurbished Crucial SSDs.

product portfolio


In addition to the standard DRAM modules for computer systems Crucial offers, the so-called Ballistix- series, memory for gamers. These hold a certain timings and timings and are most passive heatsink visible. Memory with ECC function for servers is of course also available, up to the current DDR3 technology. For Mac systems, some modules are Crucial separately certified, so you can be assured here that your Mac will function properly with the memory.

The two currently used standards DDR2 and DDR3 are still made by Crucial. Here upgrades worth especially if a 64-bit operating system is used, since only this more than 3 GB of memory support. But new DDR4 modules are already available at Crucial. So if you just put together a PC that includes such a motherboard, you are also right here.

Solit State Drives

The Crucial SSDs offer professional features and high performance at a good price / performance ratio. Get up to 1TB of storage and can instead choose a SATA port, and between a mSATA and M.2 interface. This can, for example, on some notebook models are particularly suitable for upgrading. The encryption of the data by the hardware to support the models of the MX series. All SSDs is also in a framework that adjusts the height of 7mm to 9.5mm to use the SSD into any device with a standard 2.5 inch bay.


In addition to the two main areas of RAM and flash memory offers Crucial still different accessories. These include, for example, USB flash drives and hard drive enclosure, but also various tools, packaging material, and of course adapter cable.
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