Founded by a group of scientists in...
Founded by a group of scientists in 1984, Cisco is now one of the most important companies in the telecommunications and networking systems.

The company name was derived from the founding place San Francisco. Today, a significant portion of the produced hardware in the Internet backbone is used, but also for home users and businesses, the company offers a broad product portfolio. In addition, Cisco has already developed even some Internet protocols and standards.

Small Business

The well-known Small Business Series combines multiple Netwerkgeräte together. Firstly, there is of course the ADSL router that even with low budget, they provide security features that are comparable to those of very large networks. Second, the router RV Series are offered that allow through integrated VPN and external work, potential attacks without exposing their network of third parties. The associated Managed switches provide the highest level of flexibility, extensibility, and security for the perfect networking of their IT infrastructure. Depending on the requirements, access points are available to ensure, for example, the perfect illumination for wireless IP phones.

Unified Communication

to prepare for the increasingly close relationships in the area of ??telecommunications and network, it needs mature and reliable hardware. At Cisco, you get everything from one source. Both voice-over - IP gateways, as well as suitable phones and devices belong to the product range. For special requirements, such as meeting rooms, video conferencing and administrative tasks already are available right hardware and software solutions. If you want to test the IP-based telephony or expand their jobs, you can find something suitable for you in our refurbished IP Phones.

The Cisco Smart Business Communications Systems combine all these functions in one package and we thus voice, data, video and wireless capabilities in one's disposal. Due to the high quality and reliability you can stay focused without long downtime or problems of faulty systems fully on your work.

In addition to these systems, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises are thought, Cisco also offers a variety of equipment for large and very large networks.
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