Cherry GmbH was founded in 1953 by...
Cherry GmbH was founded in 1953 by Walter Cherry in the US. The German branch followed in 1963 and in 1979 also the headquarters was moved to Germany. In 2011 the company was merged ultimately with ZF Friedrichshafen AG, but is further manufacturers of computer peripherals, switches and sensors, and other electronic components. Cherry is known in particular for keyboards, and the so-called cherry MX-switch, which come into mechanical keyboards used. With us you get from Cherry predominantly new and used input devices for computers.



In this area, Cherry offers a wide range. In companies often come the Multiboard keyboards used because they can be fully programmed and an additional magnetic and smart card reader is available. Of course also other models are available that have a backlight, additional function keys, a fingerprint reader or an encrypted radio link. Who needs a particularly compact keyboard can also take a look at the COMPACT series, which also optionally include a trackball for mouse control.


Whether simple wired or wireless entry-level models top model. At Cherry you get exactly the right mouse for every purpose. Additional function keys can accelerate the daily workflow and a fingerprint sensor for added protection of your own computer. The latest model, the Cherry MW 3000, also offers an ergonomic design and is therefore particularly recommended for extended work on the PC.

Card Readers

The card readers Cherry convince by high quality workmanship and simple operation. There are both stationary as well as mobile models available so you can choose according to their specific application. The electronic health card (health card) can of course also use the readers. In Laptops You can also have a smart card reader on the PC card slot (PCMCIA) or retrofitted ExpressCard slot.
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