Brand new, factory sealed, unopened

These products are new products whose original packaging (if available) has neither been opened for checking the scope of delivery nor for checking the device. The articles can thus also be welded in original foil, if the manufacturer provides this. The complete package is also included.

When would you prefer new products to the products used?

In addition to our refurbished computers, notebooks and corresponding hardware, we offer you many articles as a new product for various reasons. On the one hand, not all products are suitable for use in the used condition. Notebooktaschen or smartphone cases are usually rather purchased and used as new products, since these are usually also used until the first signs of wear show. This also applies to input devices such as mice and keyboards. Provided that these are e.g. As a refurbished keyboard, we pay more attention to a flawless function and thorough processing in advance.

Another great area are cables and adapters, such as USB data transfer cable, DVI cable or VGA DVI adapter. These are always available in our warehouse as they can be used as accessories for various systems. For computers and hardware, the majority of them are based on their own requirements. However, new products can be of advantage if you want to use certain functions that are only used in the latest hardware and can not do without them. Regarding the performance and equipment refurbished computer systems of the new product in nothing and can in many application areas as well fulfill their task in full.

Likewise, you should put on new products if you prefer 24 months warranty. In addition, the manufacturer's warranty can be an important factor in the event of a fault. Occasionally the product registration is necessary or the guarantee itself can be extended. In our assortment you will find numerous new products from various fields, such as computer systems, hardware components, input devices and other accessories.