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The bintec elmeg GmbH belongs to the Spanish Teldat group, which previously took over this business part of Funkwerk AG. In addition to its headquarters in Nuremberg, there are other in Peine, Berlin, Landsberg and Stuttgart, as well as other European countries, which employ a total of approximately 150 employees. The product portfolio ranges of communications solutions for medium-sized companies through Branch networking, to flexible ICT solutions for large companies. In our assortment you will find various used routers and VPNGateways, which for example can be used for a safe integration of your field staff in the corporate network.

current product series

router Smart

Identifiable by RS followed by three digits, these models are indeed intended more for small to medium-sized enterprises, but still offer all the advantages of modern technology. No matter whether you are using DSL, ISDN or mobile connection such as UMTS and LTE. Are open to all possibilities. Likewise VPN is optionally available. A used VPN routers in this series may be suitable especially for you if you at any time require, for example, the connection because the mobile connection can also be used as line failure, should it cause problems with your DSL connection.

router Medium

These models can be identified by the label R or RV. Due to their increased efficiency higher bandwidth and increased number of users are possible. This can be characterized particularly for SMEs. Enhancements also an S2M interface (PRI) can be used for the connection. For field service employees also a robust LTE router for use in vehicles is available.

router Central

The RXL or X models are powerful VPN gateways that are used mainly in large companies. Numerous interfaces, a large number of VPN users (up to 2500) and intelligent load balancing provide the necessary data flow. As VPN method here comes IPSEC is used.

Media Gateway

With the RT models get professional gateways, ISDN, DSL, S2M or FXS interfaces use for communication. The integration of additional functions for the IP-based fax transmission and reception, as well as VoIP, draw it from the rest.


In this area everything is offered from the PoE Injector to professional wireless controller. For the illumination of the desired range different WLAN access points are available. Outside can be, by a bridge link bundle, Bridging additional radio links, should not have the necessary cabling to be possible.


For those who prefer a unified infrastructure from a single manufacturer, get with the elmeg series the right telephone system and accessories. The number of users is limited here to a maximum of 120, making them more suitable for small and medium businesses. It provides all the necessary features and applications that enable modern communication. The modular design, you can choose which devices you want to use and what is important in your business itself. Even later retrofitting of functions by other licenses are possible in part, so that a quick response is given to new requirements.


For each of these areas, of course, get the right accessories. Whether used extension modules for telecommunication systems, software, licenses or refurbished phones.
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