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BenQ Deutschland GmbH is based in Oberhausen and belongs to the BenQ Group of the same name. In this country, the company is mainly known as a brand for PC screens and projectors, although these are not the only product fields. Worldwide, the group counts more than 15 companies with over 100,000 employees. Accordingly, the manufacturer is represented in many different countries, with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Basically, BenQ is a provider of important information technology and consumer electronics products, such as various consumer electronics. The focus is always on an application-oriented solution. In our assortment you will find mainly used PC screens from BenQ and other hardware.

Product Portfolio


A particular variety can be found in the BenQ monitors, which in various subseries the address specific application areas. Standard models for the home and office include screens designed specifically for designers, image and video editing, entertainment, and business. However, not only are the performance data in the foreground, such as a color-fast display or a high resolution. Similarly, many of the PC monitors have comfort features, including, for example, a height-adjustable stand counts.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

With these screens, BenQ is designed for users who are looking for the perfect companion for an interactive presentation or meeting. With built-in touch function, annotation software and a high resolution display, these displays are also ideal for classrooms to maximize learning. Some of these screens also have an anti-reflective and germ-resistant screen surface and an integrated soundbar for the perfect sound.

Digital Signage

The digital display of content is now more than ever an important factor, even for your own business success. BenQ manufactures suitable display screens that are suitable for both small and large companies. Starting with the video wall, through compact digital billboards, to special formats, BenQ offers a first-class offer. Possible areas of application are, for example, the public transport, information stands or store shelves. Of course, a 24/7 operation is possible around the clock.


Under this name, BenQ sells the world's first portable electrostatic Bluetooth speaker. It combines an exclusive and modern design with the natural sound of your music. Thanks to the integrated battery, the speaker can be used for playback for over 12 hours and is compatible with numerous devices via Bluetooth 4.1. Simply pair your notebook, smartphone or tablet PC with the speaker and enjoy the sound.


This series is another BenQ innovation because it is the first e-reading luminaire in the world. This is designed for reading on the screen and provides maximum comfort to the eye. The Smile Curve technology illuminates a 90 cm wide area, while an integrated sensor measures the ambient light for perfect adaptation. You can also adjust the brightness and light temperature according to your needs.


The ZOWIE product line is virtually the BenQ gaming brand. Accordingly, the products are designed for a perfect gaming experience. Included are high-quality monitors, mice and mouse pads as well as keyboards, desks and other accessories. But with the different products from this series, you not only get the maximum gamer feeling, because they are also optically eye-catching.


Whether in the company, the school, the public sector or the domestic living room, projectors enjoy great popularity. BenQ addresses the different purposes with perfectly adapted models. Thus, you not only get the right projector for your home theater, but also those that are suitable for traveling. High-performance devices for permanent installation are of course also available.
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