The company was created in 1983...
The company was created in 1983 Belkin in a double garage in California and had two employees. From a manufacturer has grown, which is now more than 1,200 employees is one in 21 countries, has more than 200 patents and developed around 2000 products. The head office is still located in Los Angeles, California, where Belkin is still a private company. The focus is on solutions and products that have been inspired by people. These are intended to facilitate the daily life and more comfortable, which is why consumer electronics is also included in areas of activity, such as accessories for mobile devices. A wide range of cables is of course also in demand in today's IT sector.



In the wemo series All sorts of products are around the modern home automation. Belink not only offers switchable outlets and LED lamps, but also has a wide range of cameras. These are either over Wi-Fi and have an optional night vision mode. Other switches complement the system, which you already can also control existing sensors.


Not only well wireless networks are especially popular because they can be expanded more easily and provide fast access to the Internet for almost all devices. Belkin has therefore from the wireless access point, to the wireless adapter everything you need for a quick and simple networking. Range Extender also help to increase the range of an existing wireless network. To connect wireless accessories provides Belink also Bluetooth USB dongle ago that enhance your PC or notebook system quickly to this technology.


Especially in mobile everyday cases are literally everywhere, because you keep the tablet or smartphone from damage during transport. Belkin manufactures many models specifically for the respective terminals of Apple, Microsoft, or Samsung and equips some even made with an extra keyboard. So you can use the tablet more comfortable and like a notebook. Universal cases are however available as well, whereby each user can find the correct product for their device.


Thus, the smartphone or tablet battery when enjoyed limp makes, Belkin offers several solutions. Above all, of course, belong to the various versions of MIXIT Power Bank. These can be loaded in advance and then can go for added capacity. In addition, of course, find numerous accessories such as car charger to charge the respective terminals as comfortable as possible. but also drop the products for overvoltage protection in this category. Belkin namely also offers individual outlets and power strips that protect connected equipment against overvoltages and prevent damage.


Due to the constant development of technology, new cables and connectors come on again, all covers Belkin in their assortment. To obtain ultimately for each terminal whether Apple, Google or Microsoft, the matching terminals. Also for the new port USB Type C Belkin has to connect monitors some adapters on offer, which also offer the chance to partially or establish a network connection. Whom the number of USB ports on your own computer is not sufficient, access to the USB hub from Belkin beyond.

Mobile devices

Belink manufactures of course, many other products for daily use of smartphones and tablets. These include eg. Charging stations or simply screen protectors that ensure the longest possible shelf life. Even keychain provides the manufacturer with which you in no case forget the necessary USB Adapter and keep these at hand.
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