This form factor was introduced in 1987 and is now a standard in the desktop PC. Each conventional housing has one or more 3.5-inch drive bays. Used these are almost exclusively for hard drives, which is why they do not usually directly from are externally accessible. The width is 101.6 mm, height 25.4 mm and the depth 146.05 mm. Especially with the amount it may be deviations because these partially slightly higher fails to allow more space. Available today are hard drives with up to 6TB per Disk. With us you get used hard disks with different storage capacities. This are suitable for upgrading, as well as for providing a new PC, since all the disks in We have been fully verified.

What are the benefits of 3.5-inch hard drives?

Due to the size of a more favorable production is possible. Therefore, 3.5 inch hard disk drives in usually cheaper than 2.5 inches models with the same storage capacity. In addition, all Manufacturers brought out certain models in different scenarios to their full potential unfold. If you are looking for hard disks for a server or a NAS, you should ensure, for example, the designation 24/7 or continuous operation, as these models are designed to be rarely turned off, but in contrast, allow a long operating life. Also for quiet PCs or fast access times there are many different variants.

Compared to a SDD hard disk is the data transfer rate of natural lower, but win so-called hybrid hard drives more and more importance and popularity. They combine the high Capacity of traditional media with the speed of an SSD by placing a small SSD Cache is integrated into the hard drive. This then ensures quick processing and thus enables a total quicker, more efficient system.

For storing data of the magnetic discs are used, one of which in a 3.5 inch Hard drive has a higher number can be placed. This are now total capacity of more than 2 TB are possible. The many Different variants of the manufacturer, it is also possible to get exactly the right model for your needs.

With us you will also receive not only today's popular SATA and SAS hard drives, but also Such use the older IDE connection. This allows you to, for example, an existing system set repaired, which does not yet have SATA interfaces. Furthermore, were Used IDE hard drives in other systems, such as for the recording of voice messages.
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