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The term desktop is composed of the words desk for "desk" and top for "top or top". A desktop computer refers to a computer that is placed on the desk in a lying position. This was also the predominant form of housing until the end of the 80s. Today, however, the name is no longer clear, because on the one hand computer in the tower housing have become more and more prevalent and on the other meanwhile devices exist which support both setup variants, ie standing and lying. With us you get used desktop computers from different manufacturers such as HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Dell.

What are the special features of desktop computers?

Especially with the systems, which can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, a few conditions must be met. So, for example, the optical drive can be used in both positions. This is realized in some cases by a slot-in drive, which does not require a loading carriage and automatically retracts the CD or DVD. These drives are also used in notebooks from Dell and other manufacturers. Due to the horizontal positions, such computers are also gladly used with monitor standing thereon. To reduce the height there are some special features inside the computer. It usually can not mount more than one or two hard drives and graphics cards or other PCI / PCI Express expansion cards are often not easy to use. Either they must then be used in the low-profile variant or so-called riser cards are required. Low-profile cards differ only in the height of normal cards, riser cards, however, allow insertion parallel to the motherboard. However, you should generally pay attention to the dimensions of the cards, as it can happen, especially with very large and powerful graphics cards, that they do not fit into the case. The well-known manufacturers Nvidia and AMD also offer a variety of graphics cards in low-profile format, including some powerful business models. If you are particularly concerned with the space requirement, even a so-called mini-tower or SFF (small form factor) computer could be the right one for you, because they are characterized by an even smaller housing.

Why use used desktop computers?

We expect you more than used goods. Our refurbished desktop computers have been completely refurbished by our certified staff and checked for all functions. This ensures that you get a 100% running system that can be used to equip a workstation in your company or even at home as a personal computer. Due to the low price, the added value for you is even greater.

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