Under a server (from the Latin Servus = servant) refers usually a computer system that is used in large corporate networks and on all main processes of the corporate network are anchored. Must differentiate between one server hardware also called "host" and server software. As with hardware, the physical components are defined, refers to the software used to define the server operating system and other applications that the potential services that can be provided at the same time. They, too, are these for communication with the workstations, the so-called clients, responsible and control.

What types of servers are there?

Hardware Technically server differ not only in the performance of the components used, but also in the way how you are built. Firstly, there are tower and rack - variants whose composition is similar to the conventional PC system. However, the individual components are used in a special server version and are often designed with redundancy. Two power supplies, multiple processors or significantly more memory modules are not uncommon here. The so-called blade servers go one step further. They are completely modular and can be easily extended by the blades to get more power. The redundancy of the components is particularly useful to keep the downtime as short as possible. If, for example, a power supply takes over from the other, the need to immediately without rebooting the server. Also the replacement of individual hardware takes place today in many cases on the fly, which is why, for example, Hard drives are available in almost all cases from the outside. Due to the fact that a server often available for many users and also depending on the desired server services that a server should always be with a little more power, needed as currently equipped. This pays off then, among other things in a longer useful life.

What software is available for servers?

In terms of software, there are many differences. First of all, of course, the choice of operating system critical. Are the most used here in the Windows Server and various Linux distributions. This is because each manufacturer can demonstrate its strengths in different areas. In the corporate network, a Windows server is often the first choice, because many applications are supported or can be used to part only there at all. Through the various services included such as the database, application, or terminal server that can be installed on the Windows server, it can be configured precisely for the required tasks. Even the nowadays popular virtualization is possible. This means that run on a server two or more virtual systems. It is not apparent to the user that actually everything is running on the same hardware. The Linux distributions are often primarily with web servers in use which are directly connected to the Internet. They are also used in companies for a variety of applications that provide similar functionality to the Windows Server.

Why used server inserting

The server in our range have been fully tested and worked up by us. You get to expand your network with a refurbished server a cheap way. The performance of the systems is sufficient for current applications and services, so you benefit not only the costs but also achieve acceleration of the workflow. Of course, we also offer accessories and spare parts, as well as individual blades for easy upgrading.
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