The company Logitech has its...
The company Logitech has its headquarters in Apple (Switzerland) and has existed since 1981, is best known the manufacturer for his computer accessories, especially for mice and keyboards. As originally lay the emphasis on the development of software, the company name is based on "logiciel", the French word for software. Worldwide, the company employs more than 7500 employees, spread across various offices in the USA, China, Taiwan and Japan. Today, Logitech continues to be one of the largest manufacturers of peripherals, but also in mobile, gaming, video telephony and security act.

With us you get differing types of new and used accessories of the brand Logitech, which allows you to convince yourself of the excellent quality. Current product portfolio:

Mouse M-series

The M-series contains mice for the computer with almost every possible equipment. Whether or Bluetooth wireless connectivity, touch interface, or programmable keys here is to find the right model for everyone. Some of the models are also impressive by an extraordinary battery life of up to three years so that they can forget the change almost completely.

Keyboard K-series

As with mice, Logitech has come up with its own, specially tailored keyboard model for every application. To get a standard keyboards for office use, where appropriate, with lighting, but also smaller keyboards for mobile devices, such as tablets, which are connected via Bluetooth to the system. In addition, there are also keyboards in the range that have an integrated touchpad, so that this example particularly suitable for use in the living room.

Wireless Speaker X-series

The wireless speakers X-Series are available and convince through a strong sound in many fresh colors. They offer a battery life of up to 5 hours and are designed to cover the widest possible spectrum of sound. The Bluetooth connection allows you to stream music, making phone calls and the volume control. Headsets H-Series headsets with the H-series make both beginners as well as professional nothing wrong. The standard model with noise reduction and adjustable headband suitable example. Opportunity for users who calls every now and then over the Internet. The professional models on the other hand can also wirelessly connect not only with the notebook, but also with the tablet PC or smartphone.

Webcam C-series

Both for professional video conferencing, as well as for talking with friends and relatives using applications such as Skype. The Logitech webcams of the C-series have proved themselves in every case. Depending on the model, HD video recording at 1080p no problem and also a collapsible design is available as desired, you should want to use the webcam on the go.

Used computer accessories at

The products we offer have been completely checked for their function and of course extensively purified. Therefore, you receive almost exclusively commodity that not only looks new, but also works the same way. Take advantage of the innovative products from Logitech and work, thanks to its ergonomic design, easy convenient.
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